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11 Of The Most Satisfying Dishes To Try This Eid Al Adha

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19 June 2017

10 Delicious Eid Dishes From Around The World

We promised ourselves a healthy summer and well, most of the days, we were successful. But with Eid Al Adha here, 'healthy eating' isn’t the word we want to hear for a few days.

The joyous festival is all about celebration, gratitude and food — loads and loads of sugar dipped sweets, scrumptious bite-size appetisers and delicious entrées.

If you’re looking to experiment with some cultural Eid Al Adha recipes and dishes scroll away to find what tempts your taste buds.

This Middle Eastern Dessert Is The Answer To Your Cheesiest Dreams

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3 June 2017

Kunafeh recipe

If the image of anything cheese-meltingly sweet makes you want to dance then get your grooves on, you’re in for a roll.

Say hello to Middle East’s cheesecake — kanafeh. A sweet, rich, crunchy and creamy cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugary syrup. Also referred to as kunafeh, kunafah, konafa or kanafeh (it’s all the same), this heavenly pastry is traditionally made of semolina, butter, palm oil.