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Food Projects to Do With the Kids This Summer

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21 June 2021

Food Projects to do With the Kids This Summer

Making flapjacks chock-full of raisins with their favourite granny; stirring onions for their mum’s signature curry; fighting over who got to lick the last of the cake batter from the wooden spoon – ask almost any chef what their earliest food memory is, and chances are, they’ll tell you a story like this.

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Tips for Hosting Christmas for the Very First Time

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16 December 2019

11 Tips for Hosting Christmas for the Very First Time

If ever there was a time to shine, it’s Christmas – from the twinkly star on the top of the tree and the snowglobe on the side, to the celebratory bubbly waiting to kick-start the festivities and the crowd-pleasing feast.

But what if it’s all down to you to put the fizz into the merrymaking, provide the crackers and keep your uncles from fighting? Hosting can be a tough gig, especially if it’s your first time running Christmas.

Things You Only Know if You Always Had School Dinners

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2 September 2019

Things You Only Know If You Always Had School Dinners

Today your daily lunch break dilemma is another limp supermarket sandwich, or splashing out an overpriced box of sushi-to-go – as a kid things were far simpler.

Either you were handed a plastic box of food (and hoped that whoever made it had done a big shop on the weekend), or you were on the list for school dinners.

If you were part of the latter camp, we hope you’ll agree with some of this…