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Why You Need the Fresh and Tasty Goodness of Marmum Milk

Posted on

17 November 2019

From full cream to low fat, skimmed and flavoured... The goodness of Marmum Milk is reputable.

Milk is a powerhouse of energy and often referred to as a good substitute to a full meal due to its ability to boost metabolism and satiate the appetite for a long duration.

Not only does milk provide the necessary nutrients like calcium for the development of bones and proteins for muscles, but it is also considered to be an immunity-boosting food thanks to certain nutrients like zinc and Vitamin D.

5 Ways to Serve-Up Healthy Options Using Fresh Marmum Milk

Posted on

20 October 2019

How to use Marmum Milk in smoothies

Amidst the many things we parents are anxious over when bringing our kids up, making sure they get the right nutrition is probably in the top 3.

Thankfully, for time-crunched eaters and kids-on-the-go, there is one easy way to consume exactly what we and our little ones need for our daily requirements - and that's smoothies.

Smoothies are the best way to ensure that a healthy serving of fruit and milk are consumed each day.