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Why You Need the Fresh and Tasty Goodness of Marmum Milk

Providing fresh and tasty milk to UAE residents for 35 years...

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17 November 2019

by Rebecca Roberts

From full cream to low fat, skimmed and flavoured... The goodness of Marmum Milk is reputable.

Milk is a powerhouse of energy and often referred to as a good substitute to a full meal due to its ability to boost metabolism and satiate the appetite for a long duration.

Not only does milk provide the necessary nutrients like calcium for the development of bones and proteins for muscles, but it is also considered to be an immunity-boosting food thanks to certain nutrients like zinc and Vitamin D.

However, all of the above attributes only come into play if your milk is not adulterated in any way...

Marmum has been providing fresh and tasty milk to the residents of the UAE for over 35 years, making it one of the oldest and most trusted local milk brands in the country.

While Marmum has evolved to expand its range of product offerings - like fruit juices, yoghurts and laban - the one thing that has consistently maintained is its top-notch taste and quality in its milk and all other milk-based products.

The brand's commitment towards ensuring the best quality of milk for its customers can be seen even today with their investment in the new farm and facility they have developed, which includes its own milk processing zone and special temperature-controlled cow sheds.

The farm also has its own on-site veterinary clinic that focuses on cow care and comfort. This, in turn, ensures the quality of produce and milk that is extracted from every cow on the Marmum farm.

Made with love

The fresh and tasty goodness of Marmum milk, yoghurt, and other milk products is 'Made with Love' - the proof of which is seen through the special efforts taken by the brand to settle for nothing but the best in terms of research and development, technologically advanced methods and environmentally sustainable solutions at the farm for the production, storage, packaging and distribution of its products.

So, drink up to good health and enjoy a cup of fresh Marmum milk every day!

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