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People Need to Broaden Their Minds About Eating Goat

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27 August 2019

People Need to Broaden Their Minds About Eating Goat

When’s the last time you picked up some goat meat on your way home for a curry, or slow cooked shoulder dish? Unless you’ve grown up eating goat meat, it can feel slightly alien to consider it for a midweek meal – although it shouldn’t.

Chef James Cochran is on a mission to change any misconceptions about goat meat, and show everyone how delicious it is. As well as his restaurant 1251, in London, he’s just opened a street food joint GOAT in Boxpark Croydon, and is set to present his food at major meat festival, Meatopia (August 30 – September 1).

10 Ways to Tenderize Your Steak You Probably Didn't Know

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12 February 2014

How to tenderize your steak

There's nothing worse than serving sizzling steaks that haven't been prepared correctly. Especially if you're feeding a group of your friends suffering from major hunger-pangs.

And if you do serve meat that hasn't been under the hammer, prepare for your guests to turn into fire-fighters; trying to hack their way through the bits of sinew, separating that first bite from the rest of the meat.