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5 Guilt-Free Dips To Replace Mayonnaise And Ketchup

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21 August 2017

10 Guilt-Free Dips To Replace Mayonnaise & Ketchup This Eid

It’s not really a BBQ party until the dips show up. A dollop of cream cheese, a drizzle of ketchup and a spoonful of mayo can make even the blandest food a huge crowd-pleaser.

But every good thing comes with a catch, all these condiments are loaded with calories that no one is counting.

If you're wondering how much fat can a blob of mayonnaise add anyway, the answer is plenty. One tablespoon provides roughly 94 calories; 10 grams of fat; and no protein, fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron or calcium.

5 Unhealthy Condiments You're Better Off Without

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5 August 2017

5 Unhealthiest Condiments You Should Avoid

Are you someone who meekly asks for some extra ketchup at McDonald’s? Or spend 10 minutes deciding on Ranch VS Mayonnaise — and then go overboard with both the sauces?

If eating fries without dipping them in at least 2 dips counts as a crime for you then here’s a good news and a bad news: The good news is you’re a condiment addict. The bad news, however, is that not all condiments are healthy.

The Best Chili Sauce At Home — Jamie Oliver Style

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18 May 2017

The Best Chili Sauce At Home By Jamie Oliver

If your eyes get a hungry glaze at words like dynamite, 'sizzling and fiery on a menu card and if you firmly believe that the redder the snack, the better then sit tight — we're going to make your day so much better than yesterday.

Well, we can't take the credit here — it's Jamie Oliver, the British celebrity chef/restaurateur who has made every spice-loving soul's life happier with his eye-watering spicy chilli sauce recipe video above.