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9 Things You Really Shouldn't Say to a Vegan

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1 November 2018

9 Things You Really Shouldn't Say to a Vegan

The 1st of November marks World Vegan Day…

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from consuming any animal products, which includes milk, cheese, eggs, honey and meat.

The plant-based diet is becoming increasingly popular worldwide –it’s recently started to trend in India –as many are recognising the holistic benefits of switching to veganism. Dubai has also seen an increase of vegan foods and restaurants popping up around the city.

A Beginner's Guide To Veganism

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31 May 2017

 Beginner's Guide To Veganism

Before we begin, here are two important thoughts:

1. Being vegan is not a crash diet but a lifestyle change that and like with everything impactful in life, it comes with patience, practice and effort.

2. Second of all, it’s A LOT more than just eating lettuce.

Whether you’re experimenting with a plant-based diet or getting used to the concept of a becoming a vegan, the initial phase can be an underwhelming experience. Lack of options, cravings, peer pressure and a sudden sense of loss can divert you away from your goal.