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These Are The World’s 6 Most Vegan-Friendly Cities

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12 March 2020

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These Are The World’s 6 Most Vegan-Friendly Cities

It’s surely the most pervasive problem facing vegan-kind – how and where to go out to eat?

Fortunately for plant-munchers everywhere, a new study by vegan restaurant guide HappyCow has identified the best cities in which to be vegan, ranking them by number, density, and quality of vegan outlets.

Here are their top picks. No animals were harmed in the making of this list…

The Amazing Garlic Peeling Trick – And Other Fruit and Veg Hacks You Need in Your Life

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19 June 2019

The Amazing Garlic Peeling Trick

Garlic is an absolute staple in most kitchens, but how many hours of your life have been spent cracking open bulbs and peeling those fiddly, papery skins from the cloves?

It’s annoying at best, and enough to make you throw dinner on the floor and call in takeout, at worst.

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Here’s What One Portion of Your Five-A-Day Actually Looks Like

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24 April 2019

Your Portion of Five-A-Day

You may think that you’re a pro at ensuring you eat your 5 a day, but it turns out what counts as a portion varies widely depending on the colour of the fruit or veg you’re chomping on.

BBC Good Food magazine has released six nifty infographics – yellow, purple, red, white, orange and green – to show just how much you need to eat of different foods to reach your goal.

This Polish Model Creates The Creepiest Food Structures You’ll Ever See

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21 August 2017

Polish Model Creates The Creepiest Food Structure You’ll Ever See

In general, models have little to do with food unless it’s some crazy diet but Anna Tokarska is changing the whole perception – in the creepiest way possible.

Anna, a Polish model by profession but an artist at heart, has created a series of surreal looking food structures, all made with nothing but everyday fruits and vegetables.

Love Yoga? Here’s How To Adopt It In Your Daily Diet

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21 June 2017

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Here’s How To Adopt Yoga In Your Daily Diet

Those who firmly believe in the power of yoga says there’s nothing in this world that a bit morning yoga can’t fix. From celebrities to common folks — millions swear by this ancient form of physical and mental fitness.

The third International Yoga Day on 21st June proves that it has become a lifestyle rather than just a set of exercises. It’s about discipline and moderation, self-love and awareness and most importantly, it's about finding a balance between mind and body.