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Dubai Eateries Must Display Calorie Count on Menus

The rule aims to improve transparency between restaurants and cafes in Dubai and their customers

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18 May 2019

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by Jazz-Inaya Hamilton
Dubai Eateries Must Display Calorie Count on Menus

A new rule has been set in Dubai, which aims to help diners to choose food that suits their health needs.

Cafeterias, cafes and restaurants with more than five branches will now legally have to disclose the number of calories on all ready-to-eat-food and menu items.

The change will come into effect in November 2019, and by January 2020 all other restaurants, catering establishments and hotels are to follow suit.

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Dubai Municipality have made this decision to help people be more conscious and aware about the nutritional value of the foods they wish to purchase and consume. In fact, DM is the first local authority to create such a rule in the UAE.

But while most welcome this new initiative, others worry about how it will affect their business, reports Gulf News.

The Director General of the Dubai Municipality, Dawoud Al Hajri, explained that this new mandatory requirement for calorie counts on menus is part of the Muncipality’s initiative to promote a better and healthier life in Dubai.

The requirement also aims to help people easily choose food that suits their health needs.

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He said: “Dubai Municipality's initiative is to oblige food establishments to be fully transparent in declaring calories on all foods to give consumers the ability to choose food that suits their health status.

“It is an innovative program of Dubai Municipality and through it the Municipality will encourage restaurants to provide healthy and tasty meals to consumers to achieve Dubai Municipality's vision of developing a happy and sustainable city.”

Once introduced, it is hoped that the change will encourage food establishments to have more balance, and healthier options on their menus.