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EW Review: Raw Coffee Tour

We were invited to take part in an interactive tour at the RAW Coffee Company and spent the morning learning all about specialty coffee…

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5 March 2019

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EW Review: Raw Coffee Tour

If you’re like us, you NEED that cup of coffee to get you started in the morning. But how often do we truly understand what distinguishes good from great coffee?!

Well, to learn more, we decided to embark on a guided tour of RAW Coffee’s roastery to learn more about specialty coffee.

We began with a great cup of coffee, of course, and with a little bit of coffee knowledge – where does coffee come from? The differences between trees, beans, origins etc.

We learned the differences between Arabica v. Robusta and what makes specialty coffee, well, specialty. We also did a little aroma sensing and got to taste pure caffeine whilst learning some of the health benefits of having a little caffeine on the daily.

We then took part in a guided tour of the roastery, including the green bean room (amazing to see the sacks of coffee from everywhere) and the roasting room where we saw the roasting process (a must-do for coffee lovers!)

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Next was the cupping – practical coffee tasting.

We took turns taking sips of different coffee cups to distinguish the aromas and notes in each one. After having learned a bit about coffee, aromas, and the roastery process we were impressed that we weren’t too far off with our guesses!

To close off the two-hour session, we got to the best bit (for most in our group) – the practical session. We played around and got some hands-on experience making espresso, steaming milk, making a cappuccino (with a little design on it, too!) and brewing filtered coffee with a V60.

We had a great experience with our tour guide, Vicky, and the head of training at RAW Coffee – both were extremely helpful in answering all of our questions on how to make our own morning coffees taste better at home.

If you’d like to take part in a guided RAW Coffee tour be sure to get in touch with the team at RAW Coffee or book your session here: https://rawcoffeecompany.com/collections/courses/products/raw-tour-1

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