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3 Ways To Upgrade The Classic Hummus Recipe

Dippable, delicious and healthy.

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11 April 2017

Video credit: MindOverMunch/YouTube

Don’t get the wrong meanings from the title. We are obsessively (enough to eat every day) in love with the classic hummus recipe.

After all, it falls under the rarest of food groups. The one that's healthy, delicious, snackable and easy-to-make (come to think of it, it’s actually the only food that ticks all the right boxes).

This Middle Eastern dip has a pretty loyal international following and why not? At only 27 calories per tablespoon, it's perfect for filling up without adding any excess calorie guilt.

If you call yourself a foodie then know that it entails certain responsibilities and being open to new innovations (even in your die-hard fav dishes) is one of them.

YouTube blogger, Alyssia of @MindOverMunch has created 3 delicious ways to upgrade your classic hummus recipe. Her video is fun, peppy and just about the right length to keep you hooked. Our favourite one is with Jalapeno, what's yours?

PS: In case your obsession is as REAL as ours then checked out 13 different ways to take it to the next level.

Ways to eat hummus

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