This Arabic Egg Dish Is The Reason To Wake Up Early For Suhoor |

This Arabic Egg Dish Is The Reason To Wake Up Early For Suhoor


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23 May 2017

video credit: HomeCookingAdventure/YouTube

Let’s face it — waking up groggy and tired before dawn isn’t really the most satisfying part of the holy month but food, as always, makes it all better.

In Ramadan, Muslims around the globe wake up before dawn for suhoor - the meal that keeps you full for the rest of the day till iftar - the breaking of the fast.

If you’re looking to experiment with your suhoor menu then try then try Shakshouka — a rich succulent egg dish that satisfies.

It might look elaborate but it’s really not.

Shakshouka, the dish that originated in North Africa but became popular in the Middle East is a one-skillet recipe of poached eggs swimming in a fragrant tomato-red pepper sauce spiced with cumin, paprika and cayenne. The tomato sauce comes fairly quickly on top of the stove. You can then bake or cook the eggs over the sauce and top it with cheese or beans — the choice is yours.

With more than 20 grammes of protein and nearly 40 percent of your recommended fibre for the day, this 350-calorie meal is just what you need to stay sane during the 13-14 hours long fast.