This Is How You Make The BEST Roast Beef Ever |

This Is How You Make The BEST Roast Beef Ever

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23 May 2017

video credit: FoodBusker/YouTube

An amateur cook hits a new high when he/she makes their first roast beef. This classic reserved-for-holidays meal is a nostalgic standby that conjures everything homey, comfy and happy.

To cook a perfect roast beef is not an easy feat. Many fail in their attempts to get a crisp yet juicy, seasoned yet beefy and cooked yet tender pieces of meat.

But a YouTube chef claims to have the ultimate recipe for this celebrated meal. John Quilter, the London-based chef who goes by the name @FoodBusker says that creating the perfect roast beef is an absolute obsession of his. And he has spent hundreds of hours perfecting this recipe.

According to Quilter, the fool-proof roast beef has A LOT to do with the type of joint you buy, the temperature you change halfway through cooking it, and the time you wait before you carve it.

Watch his interactive video to find out what you’ve been doing wrong this whole time.