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Here’s How To Get A Royal Skin Glow — Using Nutella

Chocolate and some more chocolate

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19 February 2017

image credit: pinterest

image credit: pinterest

No one escapes the creamy and chocolaty grip of Nutella — not even the famous and the rich.

In case you need some more Nutella love in your life (who doesn't?) — we have a Royal-approved way. The beauty guru to Kate Middleton, Deborah Mitchell instructs people to spread some chocolate onto their faces to moisturise.

In an appearance on ITV’s This Morning – the beautician who is famous for her 'Bee Venom' masks talked about all natural kitchen-remedies. Mitchell covered a model’s face with the chocolate spread made with nuts and palm oil. Her method might be unorthodox but with a client list that includes Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham — we really have no reasons to doubt her.

During the show, she also gave some interesting celebrity DIY tidbits that include the following:

1. Mixing banana and avocado inside of cotton socks for softer feet.

2. Drawing an oatmeal bath to remove dead skin.

3. Pressing coffee underneath the eyes to wake up.

4. Using green tea as a toner.

5. Mixing lip gloss with sugar for an impromptu scrub.

In case you can’t bring yourself to waste a spoonful of deliciousness then here is another DIY chocolate mask by Instagram beauty guru, Habiba. Her mask isn’t technically Nutella but rather a blend of gelatin, milk, cocoa powder and neem honey.

The 45-second clip has so far garnered 250,000 views already. Habiba's mask looks delicious enough to eat but according to expert cosmetologists, slathering this cocoa-based mixture won't really do wonders for your skin. But go ahead and give it a try to see yourself covered in chocolate glory(it'll be fun!).

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