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Instagram’s New Favourite Nail Trend Is Kendall Jenner-Approved And Easy To Do Yourself

Oddly enough, it’s all about a barnyard animal.

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12 February 2019

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Instagram’s New Favourite Nail

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Leopard-print might be the go-to pattern of the fashion crowd right now, but there’s a new style in town – and it’s all about cows.

Cow print is growing in popularity, and the chances are you’ve already scrolled past a few of these manicures on Instagram recently. If you were tempted to give them a go, you’re not alone – even supermodels are keen on this new look.

When models mention new styles, we’re often unsure whether we’ll be able to recreate them ourselves – unfortunately, we don’t all have an army of beauty technicians at our beck and call.

But with the cow print trend, this isn’t a problem, and there are many YouTube tutorials showing just how easy it is to do at home.


All you really need to do is prime your nails with a clear coat and then put on a couple of layers of white nail varnish. Once this is dry, use anything from a cotton bud to a toothpick to dot on the black patches of the cow hide.

The best thing about this style is you don’t even need to have a particularly steady hand. Cow print is naturally uneven and a bit random, so if you mess up, it will go pretty much unnoticed.

Once you’ve mastered the look, you can experiment – some nail artists on Instagram have been trying out things like cow print French tips, or even accessories, like rings, to really play off the cow theme.

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Others have taken it to the next level and incorporated full cow faces and udders into their manicure – but this is definitely for the more adventurous.

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It’s not just nails getting the bovine treatment either…

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If you’re not quite feeling brave enough yet for a full-on matching cow print outfit, maybe start with your nails and work your way up.