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Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring To Bed?

Can wearing your ring to bed damage it?

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7 August 2017

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Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring To Bed?

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but are they a girl’s best bed friend? The question of whether you should wear your engagement ring to bed is a hotly contested topic and it seems to divide the opinion of married ladies and those eagerly awaiting their walk down the aisle. Some are firmly in the take it off before bed camp, while others strongly believe that your ring should always stay on your finger while you get your much-needed beauty sleep.

There may, in fact, be a deeper significance which underlies why some feel so strongly that it should remain on and some don’t. There are few ladies who never take off their engagement ring, for starters if you are going to the gym and weight training you are well advised to take it off to avoid damage. However, taking it off in our sleep is not such a clear cut case and as such needs to be delved into.

Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring To Bed?

There are a number of practical reasons why you are well advised to take your ring off before you go to bed. Depending on the design and cut of your engagement ring they can cause issues while you sleep: Engagement rings often get caught in loose bedding, hair or your partner's clothing which can damage over time to the stone or cause it to loosen from its setting. Furthermore, sleeping on your hand or your body weight resting on your hand can slowly put pressure on the ring itself and cause it to lose shape. Thinking of the repair costs alone is enough to convince some people that one’s wedding ring should be placed on your night stand before bed. More often than not people simply suggest that the decision to not wear their ring to bed comes down to comfort.

Sleeping is an intimate experience and something which we often share with our partner, the engagement ring forming part of our bond with them. To have a deeper connection with your ring is part of the course for some. Some believe that an engagement ring shouldn’t be taken off. Comfort with the ring can be formed by always wearing it, to the point where the ring becomes an extension of your hand. To the superstitious among us, to take off your engagement ring is bad luck, regardless of the situation. And to the careless and the scatterbrained, the less the ring is taken off your finger the smaller the risk is that we can lose it.

The sense of attachment we feel to our engagement ring varies from person to person. While asking friends about their engagement rings this became clear to us: we all have a unique relationship to our jewelry and even more so with engagement rings. Whether or not you wear your engagement ring to sleep seems to come down to the individual relationship we have with our engagement ring and in some cases what kind of sleeper we are!