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Questions You NEED To Ask Before Buying Any Diamond

A big investment requires big research!

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20 August 2017

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Questions you NEED to ask before buying any diamond.

When buying any diamond there are some things you need to be asking the jeweller. Fergus James has some top tips for buying diamonds:

Are the diamonds ethically sourced?

Conflict free, refers to a diamond that has been certified by the Kimberly process, a system established in 2003 to prevent trade of diamonds which fund conflict, which is a step to try to prevent non-ethical diamonds from entering the diamond trade. Simply ask your jeweller where the diamonds were mined, they should be well clued up on the process of how it got from the mine to the market and you should also ask if they are certified, which leads to our next point.

Is the diamond certified?

A certified diamond is a diamond that has undergone quality analysis by gemmological laboratory such as GIA, (Gemological Institute of America) which is the highest and most recognised certification a diamond can have. Other reputable diamond grading bodies include AGS, HRD, IGI & EGL.

Diamonds are graded based on the 4C’s: cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. By purchasing a certified diamond, you are assuring quality in the stone, as it comes recommended by a trusted process. You have to be careful of non-certified diamonds, as you cannot be sure of the diamonds quality. More worryingly these diamonds could be enhanced diamonds, which are artificially treated to make them look of a higher quality than they are. Theses diamonds are cheaper and low quality, and who wants a fake diamond?

What can I get for my budget?

It is important to find out what you can get for your specific budget before getting your heart set on something that is out of reach.

A lot of factors in buying a ring or jewellery depends on how much you are willing to spend or what your budget is. As such, you may have the ideal ring design in your head, taking into account size, quality etc. but can you really afford it? Its best to find out what diamonds fall within your price range and what you can get for your money. The jeweller can explain the different varieties of diamond specifications you can afford so you can know exactly what types of rings are available to you.

Do you have my specification?

Ask for exactly what you want. Go through everything that’s important to you, whether it be clarity, cut or colour. This can help the jeweller find the perfect diamond for you. Whether you are buying an engagement ring or a pair of earrings. Knowing what’s on offer in your specification bracket can open you up to choice. If you combine your most important requirements with a budget, your jeweller can help you find the finest piece for you.

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