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This Multi-Million Hong Kong Wedding Broke All Records Of Extravagance

A custom room for desserts, ever heard that before?

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2 August 2017

Multi-Million Hong Kong Wedding

You may have come across a couple or two who, in their excitement (and dare we say, delusion), indulge in lavish décor or expensive gowns for their wedding but nobody can match it up to this famous Hong Kong couple who had a wedding SO grand, most of us don’t even have the luxury to dream of.

According to popular websites in Hong Kong, this multi-million-pound nuptials of financier Lincoln Li and his fashion blogger bride Feiping Chang was one of the most anticipated events of the year.

In case you’re planning your own little affair or just want to feel sad about your life — here are the crazy things that happened at the wedding.

1. The wedding took place in Capri Italy and lasted for 3 days

The rich couple chose Capri as their I-do destination.

The bride, Fi (as she is known in her circle) told Tatler, “I’ve always loved Capri—it’s one of my favourite summer destinations. It’s my happy place. It’s a really beautiful and magical spot, and I always knew that one day if I were to get married, I would want to do it there.”

The grand celebrations took place over the course of three days with different themes for each day. There was a pre-wedding welcome dinner at Da Paolino, a legendary restaurant in Capri that’s covered in lemon trees. The second day was a beach trip to Nerano at a beach club,

The third day was finally the wedding day at Villa Lysis.

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2. The couple refurbished a historic villa for the ceremony.

And that's not all, they even went as far as to build an entire bridge to link the grounds of the villa to the rooftop and then covered everything in flowers.

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3. There was a room, dedicated to desserts only.

“We had a very simple three-course menu—crowd-pleasing Italian food that we knew everybody would like, accompanied by wine from the region. And then we had a dessert room which was really decadent, overflowing with desserts," the bride told Tatler.

The huge wedding cake was made right on the spot with layers of fresh cream and wild strawberries.

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4. The bridal gown was the biggest creation of Italian designer, Giambattista Valli.

The bride wore not one but two wedding dresses, both created by famous Italian designer, Giambattista Valli.

In Fi's own words, “For as long as I can remember, I always knew when the day came I would want Giamba to make my dress, because he really makes very dreamlike creations that are just above and beyond. The final dress definitely exceeded my wildest expectations—it was the biggest dress they’ve ever made.”

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