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Thoughtful Wedding Gifts for Christmas Weddings

Invited to a winter wedding? Consider these gift ideas that both the bride and groom are sure to love all year round

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5 November 2019

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Clarice Awa

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Thoughtful Wedding Gifts for Christmas Weddings

Gift ideas for the newlywed couple's most wonderful time of the year

On their own, Christmas gifts and wedding gifts carry a lot of emotional significance - they are the thoughtful reminders of your well-wishes to a friend or loved one. Together, it's a unique chance to communicate your congratulations to the happy couple on their special day.

Around Christmas is a popular time for people to get married. After all, with the frosty evenings, hearty food, roaring fires, and twinkling lights, it already comes with its seasonal electricity in the air to bring about good cheer, give presents, and an infectious mood to just celebrate.

If you've been invited to attend someone's special nuptials during the festive month, here are some thoughtful Christmas wedding gift ideas to offer your blessings to the happy spouses.

1. Matching bathrobes

Let's start with this matching set of Mr. & Mrs. Robes, designed in lux Egyptian cotton, great for those happy mornings cozying in from the frosty winter weather outside.

2. Hubs and Wifey Aprons

This matching cooking apron set is great for their cooking classes together as a couple.

3. Luggage set

A classic luggage set that's perfect for their Christmas honeymoon and all their future travels.

4. Champagne glasses

Wine and cheese by the fire is a wintertime classic. Give a toast to the newlyweds with a set of cylindrical and slim champagne glasses that will elegantly show their drink - whether it's a premium grape or apple juice. This gift also has year-round use for family gatherings, parties, dinners, and other special moments between the couple.

5. His & Hers watches

A pair of matching Casio vintage-inspired watches for the couple whose love is timeless.

6. Christmas amulet

A glamourous rose gold Christmas-themed charm that will make any bride sparkle this winter.

7. Wedding stamps

For the couple with an old soul, gift them a wedding wax seal stamp kit to add a classy touch to their wedding invitations and other related snail mail.

8. Faux fur throw blanket

Because winter is coming for their wedding, they'll want to keep warm and cozy with this super fluffy and lightweight faux fur throw blanket.

9. His & Hers leather luggage tags

For their winter honeymoon, help them keep track of their precious travel bags and suitcases with this duo of matching leather name tags.

10. Marble rolling pin

Don't forget, the wedding celebrations are still happening during the Christmas season. This chic marble rolling pin is sure to help the happy couple bring out those sweet, festive mince pies.

11. An adventure scrapbook

A scrapbook from the movie "Up" for the couple who are just starting their own adventures - because while it was a sad tale, we can agree Carl and Ellie had a beautiful love story.

12. Me & You couple masks

For the couple who loves all things beauty and grooming, gift them a pack of soothing, antioxidant couple's face masks made with strawberries and blueberries. They might need it after the stress of planning a wedding during the busiest time of the year.

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