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What Your Wedding Dress Colour Says About You

Choose your shade of love.

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3 August 2017

Wedding Gown Colours & Their Hidden Meanings

White wedding gowns are classy, elegant and let’s just say it — cliché.

We’re probably going to get a lot of flak after this but the fact is, not all of us resonate with white-wedding perfection. For some, it’s all about making a bold statement or simply having loads of food and wine. In both the cases, white isn’t the right choice.

If you think for a moment, even fairy-tale princesses get to choose their own wedding dress colours, Belle wears yellow and Ariel wears aqua — so why should we conform to the rules?

All thanks to daring designers like Vera Wang and Alexander McQueen, brides are opting for colours that best describe their personality and suit the venue. But before you choose your dream colours, it makes sense to know what each shade say as each represents certain feelings, emotions, and states of mind.

Here’s a quick guide to help you out in choosing your colour of love.

1. White

You like things to be in order and in tranquillity. The colour of purity represents your love for simplicity.

In the olden days, brides wore white to show their virginity.

2. Red

You love being the centre of attention. Fierce, passionate and bold - you're not afraid to act on your impulse or show your desires.

Just like white is an obvious choice for bridal gowns in West, red is the traditional colour in Aisa and South East Asia. It represents celebrations and love.

3. Orange

Orange appeals to those with a flair for fun. You're popular and you know it. You're the life of a party but that doesn't stop you from showing your quirky side to the world.

4. Pink

You're loved and pampered and you won't have it any other way. Sometime petulant and sometimes flirtatious, you're proud of your feminity and aren't afraid to trust people.

Various shades of pink also represent personalities that are charming, gentle and artistic.

5. Blue

You're a water baby who craves for nature's peace. Your caring nature makes you vulnerable. You're also the sensible one in the lot.

Brides who opt for darker shades of blue usually want to exude sophistication with a touch of glamour and power.

6. Black

Brides, who dare to make this unconventional choice of colour, know the consequences but they don't care. They're rule-breakers who aren't afraid to make a statement.

It also means you're sexy and you know it.

7. Purple

Brides who choose the colour of royalty generally like to stay in control. You enjoy the position of authority and aloofness. You have a mysterious aura about you that makes you all the more unreachable.