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10 Autumn Manicure Trends You Will Love

We round up 10 lovely nail designs you'll want to wear this Fall

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2 November 2023

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Clarice Awa

Editor Clarice Awa at ExpatWoman
Fall 2023 manicure and nail designs inspiration

Talk to your nail technician about trying any of these stylish manicure trends for the season!

Autumn is here in the UAE and although the weather doesn't quite depict the season yet (in true desert-country fashion), that chill breeze in the early mornings and arrival of pumpkin spice flavoured-anything makes it apparent that Fall is among us.

As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes — we swap out our summer dresses for knitted cardigans, sandals for closed shoes, and, if you're the type who loves a good manicure, then you'll also be wanting to change up your nails in the months ahead.

Check out our list of 10 fall nail looks that you'll want to have this season!

1. Burgundy Red

Red nails remains one of the most popular go-to manicures during fall, and for good reason. From burgundy to orange-toned, this shade will carry you from the spooky season all the way to the end-of-year festivities.

2. Scalloped French Manicure

For a nail look that's a mixture of dainty and ornamental, consider getting Scalloped French nails. This contemporary take on the traditional French manicure is very fitting for the ladies who are getting into the festive mood.

3. Mauve Manicure

For that chic and feminine nail look, consider getting a mauve manicure and mix it up with an earthy tone combination.

4. Cherry Mocha Nails

Cherry mocha nails is all about getting that glossy shade of red with a subtle brown undertone. It's a great pairing for women who prefer to keep their wardrobe neutral.

5. Pumpkin Spice Orange

This pumpkin spice orange nail idea will pair well with your favourite fall latte. Much like the popular autumn flavour, this colour tone makes for a beautiful, bold impact.

6. Minimalist Mismatch

If you can't decide on a colour, why not opt for this minimalist mismatch manicure? Clean, elegant, yet still playful - we love it!

7. Fall Florals

Who says florals are only for spring? Floral nails—another stunning design for autumn-inspired nail art—would look gorgeous and refreshingly light for the season.

8. Chocolate-glazed Nails

Here's another manicure inspiration that will last all the way to Christmas. To get something similar to these chocolate-glazed nails, try a chestnut brown nail polish then add some white chrome powder for that pretty sparkle. This colour tone suits both the autumn and winter season.

9. Structured Gel Manicure

Try this subtle and elegant alternative to the classic French manicure. Instead of white, go for a light beige and top it off with sophisticated wavy burgundy lines.

10. Barely-there Nude Pink Nails

Embrace a natural look this fall with a neutral pink nude manicure, loved by celebrities like Kylie Jenner. It's beautifully subtle and exudes a feeling of quiet luxury.