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10 Hacks To Make You Look Like A Million Bucks

From drab to fab!

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16 October 2016

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1. The Right Fit

A great fit is the most important factor in making your clothes look expensive. If a sleeve is too wide, or a shoulder is too narrow, or a pant leg is too short, it’s going to look cheap.

2. Accessorize

A statement necklace or earrings can instantly amp up an otherwise dull look. Just make sure to stay away from hoops or shiny jewellery of any kind.

3. Hair and Makeup

Fresh hair and makeup make any woman put together and elegant. Stay simple and classy - you know what that means: put that green eye-shadow down!

4. Shoe Game

Because your shoes are constantly hitting the pavement, it may not be worth it to splurge on pairs you wear every day, but it is important to keep shoes in good shape.

5. Tuck It In

A tucked-in shirt with a skirt or trousers always comes across as polished and classy.

6. Give your clothes some TLC

Always iron your clothes – crinkly clothes are the best way to make you look like you don’t give a damn.

7. Invest in classics, not fads

Fads come and go every season, but classic fashion styles remain. Investing in a good bag, a classy coat, a crisp white shirt and a well-tailored pair of pants will serve you well.

8. Black beauty

Go for black or dark colors as they hide imperfections well as compared to light colors.

9. Avoid earthy colors

Mossy earth tones can look drab and dated. Avoid!

10. Sunglasses

A super quick fool-proof way to look instantly classy is to pull your hair back in a ponytail and wear over-sized sunglasses. Voila!

Sunglasses and pulled back hair