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10 Movies to Watch for Major Fashion Inspiration

Here's a round-up of 10 iconic fashion films if you're scouting for some wardrobe inspo

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24 August 2020

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Clarice Awa

Editor Clarice Awa at ExpatWoman
10 Movies to Watch for Major Fashion Inspiration

If you want some new style inspiration, our 10 top picks serve some must-have selections for your wardrobe - and you can watch them all from the comfort and safety of your home.

From noughties classics like The Devil Wears Prada to moody award-winning hits, here are the best fashionable movies you can watch tonight.

1. Phantom Thread

Set in London during the 1950s, a controlling dressmaker for the wealthy class marries an expat waitress. This striking film explores the couple's manipulative and toxic relationship while diving deep into couture garments, luxurious vintage fashion, and just how much work goes into making high-end wear.

2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

While it doesn't have the most pleasant subject matter - considering the movie explores 1969 Hollywood - the Quentin Tarantino-produced blockbuster features heaps of fashionable moments.

For those who love 1960s-70s fashion, you'll find plenty of covetable style inspiration that will translate in the 2020s.

3. Devil Wears Prada

No list of must-see fashion movies is complete without The Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep's iconic portrayal of the ruthless, tyrannical Miranda Priestly, editor-in-chief of a fictional fashion publication is a fun homage to Anna Wintour.

Anne Hathaway's head-to-toe transformation in the movie is also jaw-droppingly fabulous.

4. Nocturnal Animals

In this neo-noir crime thriller, fashion designer and film director Tom Ford weaves a deliciously gripping story about love, revenge and malice. Although the movie itself doesn't feature any Tom Ford outfits or accessories at all, Amy Adams' elite art dealer character is not short on classically chic styles.

You'll find dark and strong silhouettes that reflects the art dealer's industry and position, as well as stylish cashmere knits during her scenes at home.

5. Ready to Wear (Prêt-à-Porter)

Perfect for the lovers of 1990s fashion, Prêt-à-Porter is a murder mystery movie that takes place during Paris Fashion Week.

It's a satirical view on fashion, but it just goes to show that the fashion world isn't afraid to have fun and poke at their caricatures.

6. Ocean's Eight

The Met Gala, the famous cameos, one highly coveted diamond Cartier necklace... Ocean's Eight is a funny and fabulous feast for fashionholics.

This all-female remake of Ocean's Eleven stars and includes guest appearances from A-Listers such as Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, Serena Williams, and more.

7. Atonement

Set in the English countryside during 1935, Atonement is a tear-jerker drama on love and war. While we do appreciate its perilous war-time shots in Dunkirk, what we love are the costume choices.

Keira Knightley's stunning on-screen wardrobe will leave you gagging for more Edwardian inspo in your modern closet!

8. Clueless

As if this 1990s take on Jane Austen's novel "Emma" would be missing from our list!

Clueless is abundant in the 90s style department, with plenty of notable outfits including Cher's iconic tartan two-piece.

9. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is one of the most stylish and decadent films this decade, with many of the fashion world's powerhouses such as Prada, Brooks Brothers, and Tiffany & Co. incorporated into the casts' movie wardrobe.

10. Pretty Woman

The only thing you'll find more intriguing than the on-screen romance is Julia Roberts' style in Pretty Woman. The $250,000 glimmering diamond necklace, that drop-dead-gorgeous off-shoulder red dress, and that sassy shopping spree on Rodeo Drive... dare we say, perfection.