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11 Fashion and Beauty Trends of the Decade We’re Going to Regret

You can already tell some things from this decade won’t age particularly well.

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29 December 2019

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11 Fashion and Beauty Trends of the Decade We’re Going to Regret

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It’s hard not to look back at some of the dodgy Noughties fashion and beauty trends without giggling.

Low-rise jeans, ridiculous amounts of fake tan and velour tracksuits – seriously, what were we thinking?

However, as we reach the end of another decade, you can’t help but wonder: what will we come to regret in the future?

We might think we look incredibly chic in our cycling shorts paired with an oversized blazer, but that doesn’t mean we’ll feel the same come 2030. The situation is even worse than a decade ago because thanks to social media all our dodgy choices have been documented.

We’re still a few years away from final judgment being passed, but in the meantime, there are some trends we have a sneaking suspicion won’t stand the test of time…

1. Crossover bum bags

For some reason, that Eighties-favourite accessory the bum bag has made a comeback, but not as you know it. Hypebeasts aren’t content with slinging fanny packs around their waist but are instead placing them across their bodies. We’re not entirely sure why this is a thing – fanny packs are one kind of wheel that didn’t need reinventing.

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2. Ripped jeans

Maybe our grandmas were right in thinking our overly ripped jeans looked ridiculous? The style has dominated denim this decade, with holes getting bigger and jeans getting ever more frayed. We wouldn’t be too sad to wish ripped jeans goodbye, as it’s not exactly the warmest of trouser choices.

3. Bike shorts

As with so many fashion and beauty trends of the decade, this was made popular by the Kardashians. We’re not entirely sure why the Chris Froome favourite of cycling shorts became the go-to outfit for influencers on Instagram, but hey – the 2010s have been full of surprises.

Wearing bike shorts is bizarre enough, but they’re often styled with blazers and other formal items of clothing. It’s a fashion decision we’ll probably be mystified by in years to come.

4. Tiny sunglasses

In 2018, Kim Kardashian revealed her husband Kanye West had emailed her: “You cannot wear big glasses anymore. It’s all about tiny little glasses.” And thus a trend was born.

The Noughties were defined by huge, bug-like sunglasses – a la Victoria Beckham – but the 2010s went the complete opposite way with teeny frames.

Not only do they look silly, but they’re not even doing a particularly good job of being sunglasses. Ophthalmologists have warned that tiny frames can actually harm your eyes, as they barely protect you from damaging UV rays.

Tiny sunglasses

These styles were first popular in the Nineties and, as fashion moves in cycles, maybe we’ll be repulsed by tiny sunglasses in the 2020s, only to have them become cool again in 2030?

5. Flower crowns

We can thank Lana Del Rey for this one, as she introduced romantic and whimsical flower crowns to the masses. Unfortunately, it’s really a pretty ridiculous look for any grown woman to plonk upon her head – or that’s how we think the future will judge it. Sorry, Lana.

6. Cold shoulder tops

Why are tops even made like this? Why do you need to have chilly shoulders in the name of fashion? These are questions we will probably be asking, with our shoulders warmly wrapped up, in a decade or so.

Cold shoulder tops

7. Crocs

Crocs are some of the most widely mocked shoes in history. And yet against all odds, they received the high fashion treatment in the 2010s thanks to designers like Christopher Kane and Balenciaga, with influencers and fashionistas wearing fur-lined, bedazzled versions of the shoes.

We were sceptical of a Crocs comeback at the time, so we can only imagine what we’re going to think with a few more years’ perspectives.

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8. Extreme highlighter and contour

The 2010s will be looked back upon as the decade we all became amateur make-up artists. Long gone are the days when you would smear on some Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and call it a day because now everyone knows how to perfectly contour and highlight. However, you can’t help but wonder if sometimes it’s all a bit much.

Has highlighter gone too far if everyone on Instagram has noses and cheekbones that light up like a Christmas tree? Don’t even get us started on brows which are done so perfectly they look like they’re Photoshopped onto your face.

9. Cringe slogan t-shirts

Slogan t-shirts aren’t a new thing, but the 2010s really took them to the next level. On one side you have increasingly nonsensical phrases like ‘I’m a unicorn’ or ‘I love glitter’.

Either way, cringe t-shirts are altogether too prevalent and we don’t think they’ll age particularly well.

10. Oversized hoodies

We’ll probably look back and think: why didn’t we wear anything that fitted properly?

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11. All-beige everything

Kanye West came into his own as a designer in the 2010s with his label Yeezy. His designs are regularly worn by his wife Kim Kardashian and her famous family, meaning they are quickly duped by fast fashion websites and soon worn by basically everyone.

West played a big part in championing neutral colour-blocking. This is one of the dullest trends imaginable and involves wearing beige on beige on beige. We can only hope the 2020s bring a bit more colour in fashion.

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