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5 Items You Immediately Need To Remove From Your Closet

To collect new things, it’s vital to get rid of old ones first.

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27 August 2017

5 Items You Immediately Need To Remove From Your Closet

Minimalism is the word we Millennials love to throw around in our conversations and hashtags but it’s certainly not something we like to live by.

The truth is, we’re hoarders. We love to collect stuff (a lot of stuff) and it’s hard for us to let go. Old jeans, torn books, used tickets, dated gadgets, expired makeup, ripped dresses and the list goes on and on. In a twisted sense of self-worth, we equate materialistic ownership with contentment and confidence. Something that’s actually quite the opposite.

Our self-created clutter has everything to do with a nagging sense of dissatisfaction in our lives. And if that’s not enough, holding onto used and broken stuff inadvertently holds us back in the past. It hampers our mental and emotional progress. And let’s not even get us started on I-don’t-have-space issues.

To collect new things, it’s vital to get rid of old ones first. This law applies to everything, from your closet to memories to the people in your life. But right now, let’s just focus on your closet. Below are 5 such fashion/clothing items you need to get rid off right away.

1. Lonesome and mismatched socks

Face it, you’re never going to find the other half of the pair. Instead of mismatching them with other socks or holding onto them, just in case you’ll find the second one some day, it’s better to donate them.

Mismatched socks

2. Stained and dingy t-shirts

It has happened to the best of us. We all own a couple of tees that are old, stained, ill-fitted and about to fall off. But we still hold onto them with our dear lives, why? Because we’re scared we won’t find something THIS comfy again.

But you will. Keep a tab on the brand or the shop and restock your favourite white tees. A few washes later, they’ll be as good as the old ones.

Stained shirts

3. Uncomfortable shoes

We’re all guilty here. You bought some pretty stilettos online (it was 50% OFF). The perfect heel and the right colour except they don’t fit and they never will.

The best thing you can do is to DONATE such pair of shoes. At least you can feel good about it later.

Uncomfortable shoes

4. Old ripped jeans

Your high school jeans may still fit you like a glove but that’s not a reason enough to wear it every day. Sift through your denim collection every few months and let go of the pairs that don’t fit you or are too ripped for your daily use.

We often buy stuff that’s trendy or because it looked good on someone else. Donate such clothing items and replace with items that flatter your body type. For instance, instead of hoarding jeans, why not add some palazzos or culottes for a street-chic look?

Old ripped jeans

5. Expired makeup

Not exactly a closet item but certainly something we all like to collect and brag about.

Expired makeup isn’t just taking useful space, it's messing up your face, causing acne and infecting other products too. Toss 'em out. Same goes for unused makeup samples.

Expired makeup