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5 Things To Consider Before Choosing A New Pair Of Glasses

Celebrity stylist Angie Smith offers her advice for finding the best glasses for you

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20 March 2019

Choosing A New Pair Of Glasses

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Currently, around 60% of Brits need corrective eyewear, and it’s thought that number will rise as staring at computer screens is having a negative affect on our eyesight.

For those who wear glasses on a regular basis, the prescription is only half the equation – you want frames that look and feel good too.

“I’m a firm believer that your style should mirror your personality, and every single choice from your earrings to your shoes should be carefully considered to shape up and capture the real you,” says celebrity stylist Angie Smith, who has partnered with Boots Opticians on their Feel Good Frames campaign.

Choosing A New Pair Of Glasses

As part of the campaign, Boots Opticians has trained 400 style consultants, known as ‘Frame Stylists’, who will be on hand to help customers choose the perfect pair of specs.

“It’s all about marrying style and personality to ensure people are comfortable and confident that their frames are not only stylish, but true to them,” says Smith.

Celebrity stylist Angie Smith

Celebrity stylist Angie Smith (Johanna Nyholm/Label Mix/PA)

So how do you do that? Whether you’re a first-time eyewear buyer or just looking to switch up your style, Smith has got some great pointers to help you find your perfect pair.

Here are five things you need to think about before deciding on your next set of specs…

1. Think About Your Hair And Skin Colour

“When buying frames, it’s important to make sure they complement your skin tone and hair,” says Smith.

“If you have fair skin with light hair, transparent frames or a thin-rimmed frame would look great, but for darker tones, bold frames are best.”

2. Choose A Contrast

Having said that, when it comes to eye colour, contrast works well.

“Using a colour wheel, opt for an opposing shade to your eyes. For example, blue eyes would be best paired with frames that are close to orange, such as rust or brown.”

Choosing A New Pair Of Glasses

3. They Need To Match Your Style

It may be tempting to go for brightly coloured or unusually shaped frames, but remember that if you wear glasses all the time, they need be versatile.

Smith advises: “It’s likely you’re going to wear these frames on a daily basis, so choose something in line with your personal style and think about the clothes in your wardrobe before selecting your frames.”

4. Take Pictures

“Once you have your edit of favourites, take pictures of each of them on your face,” says Smith. “It’s easier to review what they really look like that way and also send on to your friends and family to get their opinion.”

So grab your smartphone and start snapping.

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5. Don’t Forget The Eyebrow Rule

“My insider tip,” says Smith, “is, make sure your frames sit above your eyebrow line. So you’ll want frames that are big enough to extend above your brows. Why? “Trust me, it’s flattering and really shapes your face!”

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