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6 Fall Fashion Trends for Curvy Girls

With the arrival of autumn, it's time to revamp your wardrobe

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24 September 2017

Autumn/fall fashion trends for curvy women

Image credit: Evans

It’s that time of year again... The season's changed, so it’s time to revamp your autumn/fall wardrobe and get up to date with the latest trends.

When you’re a curvy girl, Autumn can be one of the best times for your confidence. No more bikinis, no more spaghetti straps! It’s time to come in to your own with layers and the most flattering styles of the season.

Here’s our round up of the best fall fashion trends 2017 of the high street online…

#1 - Purple is the 'new black'

Look glorious in shades of purple from mulberry to deepest burgundy. It’s a really slimming colour too!

Autumn/fall fashion trends 2017 - purple

Yours Clothing, sizes UK 16 - 32

#2 - Check yourself!

This trend is one to cosy up in and you’ll be anything but lumberjack! Don’t go head to toe and avoid too small checks.

Autumn/fall fashion trends for 2017 - check

New Look Curves, sizes UK 18 - 32

#3 - Ride the Oriental Express

Bring out your inner Tokyo girl with Japanese inspired prints. An obi belt will cinch that waist in and looks great with dresses and tops.

Autumn/fall fashion trends 2017 - oriental

ASOS Curve & Plus Size, sizes UK 16 - 30

#4 - Channel your inner flower power

Flowers… flowers everywhere! Pair with neutrals to really make those petals pop.

Autumn/fall fashion trends 2017 - floral

Evans, sizes UK 14 - 32

#5 - Step it up, military style

Who doesn’t love a great boot? Don’t go full camo… Just nods and hints, and a military style jacket is going to be your go-to jacket this season.

Autumn/fall fashion trends 2017 - military

Lane Bryant, sizes US 10 - 28

#6 - It's little black dress time

You cannot have a wardrobe without a little black dress... It’s the fashion law! This wardrobe staple can you get you through every season and there’s always space for a new LBD.

Autumn/fall fashion trends 2017 - LBD

Torrid, sizes US 10 - 30