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Where You Can Commission Your Cosplay in the UAE

These are the best places to custom-build your own cosplay in the UAE for Middle East Film & Comic Con

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5 February 2020

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Where You Can Commission Your Cosplay in Dubai

Get your geek on with your dream cosplay look

The region's ultimate pop culture festival, the Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) is returning for another epic edition from March 5 - 7 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Fans of comics, animation, film, TV, pop culture, and gaming are set for another three-day super weekend packed with live performances, meet and greets with stars, celebrity and expert panels, interactive installations, geeky shopping, and more.

The World Cosplay Summit Championship and MEFCC's annual Cosplay Competition are also making a return with an AED 8,000 prize pool up for grabs and a trip to Japan for the championship finals! Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran, this is your chance to showcase your best look in the biggest regional cosplay showdown of the year.

If you're not planning on competing for the cosplay crown, MEFCC is also a fantastic opportunity to let your inner superhero, fighting robot, medieval fantasy warrior, or video game character come to life as you casually enjoy the event.

To help you steal the show at MEFCC and ensure you've got the cosplay outfit of your dreams, we’ve compiled a list on where to commission your cosplay in the UAE. These professionals can help guide you toward your first cosplay, help you narrow down the character's details, or just enhance your already perfect outfit.

Regardless of who you decide to work with to create your MEFCC cosplay, ensure that you have enough time before the event so that your outfit isn't rushed.

Tailors in Al Satwa, Dubai

For your bespoke cosplay, try the clothing craftsmen and craftswomen in Al Satwa located in old Dubai.

Don't let the fancy gowns and suits on their shop displays fool you, this neighbourhood has an abundance of hole-in-the-wall tailors with a wealth of expertise. While custom fantasy cosplay may not be their top priority, look for Al Satwa tailors who are eager to work closely with and listen to the client to ensure that you get the ensemble you want.

Where You Can Commission Your Cosplay in the UAE

Be sure you have plenty of character references with you so that the tailors have something to work with, particularly photos of other cosplayers' outfits you like so they understand the direction you're looking for. A character cosplay mood board would be very helpful, too.

Avoid only describing your cosplay in words or limiting your cosplay references to animation and video games, as it can be hard to translate these into a real-life ensemble.

Tailors in Deira, Dubai

Another great place to commission your cosplay in Dubai are the tailor shops in Deira. Much like in Al Satwa, this quarter of the city features many small corner shops and long-time tailoring experts.

Be sure to keep character references with you while checking shops so you can find out how much it would cost to create - the prices may differ among tailors.

Cosplay tailors in Dubai

It's well worth noting that the cosplay materials you're looking for may not be available at some tailoring shops and fabric stores. Bringing your own materials may help in reducing the commission cost and give you more control over your cosplay outfit.

Consistent communication with your cosplay tailor and weekly visits to see its progress will safeguard you from future disappointment at the final product.

Al Mushrif, Abu Dhabi

Looking to get your cosplay stitched up in the capital? Check out tailor shops at the Al Mushrif district in Abu Dhabi.

Their made-to-measure service can also save you money while simultaneously enjoying years of skill and craftsmanship. Prepare cosplay references beforehand, ideally with more photo clips of another cosplayer's recreation rather than the character itself (if it is a comic book, video game, or animated), so that the tailor knows what to base your bespoke cosplay on.

Where to find custom cosplay in Abu Dhabi


Handmade and vintage online store Etsy has thousands of costume designers and crafters you can commission from. You can pick from crafters who have experience in making cosplay outfits and props, and compare their works as well as customer reviews to find the best-suited one for your vision.

It's worth noting that the more complex the ensemble is, the more time it may take to complete and ship to the UAE. It's best to allocate plenty of time between the start of your cosplay commission and MEFCC's three-day weekend.

Where to custom make cosplays in Dubai

Tickets on sale

Choose from a range of tickets, special family bundles, and VIP passes to MEFCC, starting from just AED 115 per person!

For the ultimate family weekend out, buy the Family Day Pass, inclusive of four tickets for the price of three, one-day or three-day access to MEFCC, a chance to meet celebrities, watch live entertainment, attend MEFCC workshops, and explore the Artist Alley.

Bronze and Silver passes are also available, offering three-day access to MEFCC, private experiences with celebrities, front row seats, exclusive updates from the MEFCC team, major ticket discounts, Fast Track Access perks, limited-edition merchandise, and much, much more - all from only AED 500 per person.

Go to https://www.mefcc.com/en/Tickets.html for more details, or visit Virgin Megastore online, any Virgin megastore across the UAE, or PlatinumList to book your tickets now.

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