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Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By Your Favourites in 2023

Need some Halloween inspiration? Check out our list for your best costume yet

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12 October 2023

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Clarice Awa

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Halloween Costume Ideas in the UAE 2023

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Get into the Halloween spirit with these costume ideas!

Halloween in Dubai and the UAE will be here before we know it, so it's best to start planning your costume right now as there are just so many options to choose from!

In this list, we round-up some fun and spooky Halloween costume ideas inspired by the top favourite characters in 2023 so far.

1. Barbie Girl

The release of the highly-anticipated Barbie movie this summer had everyone seeing pink. Whether you loved the movie, are a fan of the iconic fashion doll, or you're just tired of seeing all the Barbie glamour and want to spook people who thought the trend's finally over, doll up as Barbie for Halloween!

The best part is that she has tons of fabulous movie outfits, which makes it easier to mix and match. Go as Stereotypical Barbie, Weird Barbie, President Barbie, or even Mitch!

Halloween 2023 Costume Ideas in Dubai and UAE | Barbie costume

Image: @margotrobbieofficial

2. Scooby Doo and the Mystery Inc.

Celebrating Halloween 2023 in the UAE with the gang? It's the perfect time to dress up as one of the most famous ghost-busting, mystery-solving bunch of friends in fiction! Like, zoinks!

Halloween 2023 Costume Ideas in Dubai and UAE | Scooby Doo costume

Image: @hayleykiyoko

3. Taylor Swift's Eras

If you're a major Swiftie, pick your all-time favourite Taylor Swift era in honour of her worldwide sold-out Eras Tour Concert. Extra credit if you have a guitar!

Halloween 2023 Costume Ideas in Dubai and UAE | Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert costume

Image: @taylorswift

4. The Bridgerton Cast

If you're like us and you couldn't get enough of the Gossip Girl x Pride and Prejudice lovechild that is Netflix's Bridgerton, Halloween in the UAE is the best time to dress up like one of your favourite characters from the show! The Queen Charlotte prequel was released in 2023, and we're super excited for Season 3!

Halloween 2023 Costume Ideas in Dubai and UAE | Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte

Image: @phoebedynevor

5. M3GAN

Let's get creepy! This Halloween, dress up like the eerie lifelike doll, M3GAN, who came with blonde hair, a beige babydoll dress, a striped bow, white stockings, striped shirt, and Mary Jane shoes.

Halloween 2023 Costume Ideas in Dubai and UAE | M3GAN doll

Image: @meetm3gan

6. Princess Peach

Let's a-go for Halloween as one of the most-loved fictional princesses in video game history! You'll need her puffy pink princess ballgown, signature golden crown, white opera gloves, and gorgeous blonde hair.

Halloween 2023 Costume Ideas in Dubai and UAE | Princess Peach

Image: Illumination | Nintendo

7. Wednesday Addams

What’s more fun than dressing up for Halloween? Getting into character! The hit Netflix show 'Wednesday' is a top favourite this year. If you want to dress up as the daughter of the mysterious and spooky Addams family, you'll need a black dress with a white Peter Pan collar, dark hair in two braids, and her iconic dead stare look!

For Wednesday's dark academia look, put together a black school blazer with the Nevermore Academy crest, uniform shirt, tie, and black skirt.

Halloween 2023 Costume Ideas in Dubai and UAE | Wednesday Addams

8. Euphoria

Got no time or the dirhams to spend on an entire Halloween costume? Just use your existing nightlife wardrobe to pull off any of the Euphoria show's characters. Easy peasy.

Halloween 2023 Costume Ideas | Euphoria characters

9. Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid

Harness your inner Disney princess for Halloween! For the 2023 reboot movie, blue is the key whether you want to rock a sequined mermaid's tail and shimmery top, or Ariel's soft blue corset dress and headband while she was exploring the human world.

Halloween 2023 Costume Ideas | Disney Little Mermaid Ariel

Image: @disneylittlemermaid

10. The Nun

If standing out is the goal, then The Nun is the solution. 2023 saw the return of the hit horror film "The Nun" with a hair-raising sequel. It's the perfect pick if you want to go all out in the scare factor for Halloween!

Halloween 2023 Costume Ideas in Dubai and the UAE | The Nun