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Best Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes You Can Buy in the UAE

Costume shoppers of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?

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20 October 2019

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Clarice Awa

Editor Clarice Awa at ExpatWoman
We Found Your Nightmare Before Christmas Costume for Halloween

Is the movie for Halloween, or is it for Christmas? Regardless of the old debate, the Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween classic.

You can't go wrong with adding it to your spooky movie marathon or slipping on a striped black and white suit to become the iconic Pumpkin King. As October 31st creeps ever closer in the UAE, there's nothing more classic to wear as your Halloween costume this year than a character from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Ahead, we've haunted Amazon UAE to select the best costumes for you.

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Jack Skellington

Every Halloween needs the Pumpkin King, or in this case Pumpkin Queen. This take on the Jack Skellington costume is head-to-toe scarily close and perfect for any costume party or spooky event this October 31st.

Alternatively, the classic Jack Skellington suit for gents is also available and it comes with his head!


Mickey and Minnie. Aladdin and Jasmine. Jack and Sally... Simply put, many Disney characters tend to be a package deal. The moment you say one name, the other follows naturally. The Nightmare Before Christmas is no exception.

This Sally costume is perfect for those who want to be our favourite humanoid ragdoll for Halloween.

Santa Jack

For an added twist to your Halloween festivities this year, add a Santa Clause costume to your Jack Skellington outfit.


You can't celebrate without your trusty pooch! Bring the adorable, loyal, ghostly puppy Zero on your adventures this year.

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