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Birkenstocks Appeared On The Catwalk In Paris And People Don’t Know What To Think

Valentino collaborated on the opinion-dividing footwear

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21 January 2019

Birkenstocks Appeared On The Catwalk

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Along with Crocs and Uggs, Birkenstocks are the kind of shoes that really divide opinion.

There are those who practically live in their thick-soled sandals, declaring them the comfiest you’ll ever wear. But then there are the detractors who say they wouldn’t be caught dead in such clunky, shapeless footwear.

We would have thought most fashion designers would fall firmly in the latter camp, which is why we were surprised to see models on the Valentino catwalk at Men’s Paris Fashion Week wearing Birkenstocks.

The leather sandals, some in black with the VLTN logo on the side, others in the label’s signature red, were shown at the brand’s autumn/winter 2019 collection.

They are a collaboration with Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli and will be available later this year from Birkenstock, as well selected Valentino stores.

Not only did the controversial sandals appear on the catwalk, they were styled with black socks – evidently Piccioli doesn’t consider wearing socks and sandals together a fashion faux-pas.

The Valentino Birkenstocks caused quite a stir on social media, with some fans clamouring to get their hands on a pair.

“Dying for these,” commented Cidontneedthis on Instagram.

Another user called them “truly spectacular,” but with the username Ilovebirkenstocks, we think they might be slightly biased.

Others weren’t convinced.

“No… just no….” wrote kaz_m99 on Instagram.

“No elegance, just vulgarity,” declared a user called Grumpythegrump.

But there were plenty of people asking when and where the shoes will be available and, more importantly, how much they will cost.

When high-end fashion houses collaborate with high street brands, you usually have to pay a premium for the goods.

However, no matter what the price, if this collaboration goes the same way as the Christopher Kane or Balenciaga Crocs, they’ll probably sell out immediately.