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As Céline Dion Gets A New Role At L’Oréal Paris Here’s Why She’s A True Icon Of Our Times

The My Heart Will Go On singer can always be relied on for sartorial drama.

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7 April 2019

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Céline Dion

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Canadian singer Céline Dion is joining the likes of Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda, Amber Heard and Duckie Thot as she’s named the latest ambassador for L’Oréal Paris.

Dion posted on Instagram: “I’m excited to use my voice to empower others to feel beautiful, confident, and to learn to embrace themselves.” This pretty much sums up the chanteuse’s approach to both fashion and beauty – she’s never afraid to be herself, and has become a haute couture darling in recent years.

This is the 51-year-old’s first beauty contract, and it’s been a long time coming. With both her fashion and beauty choices, Dion is constantly reinventing herself, proving to be an enduring icon…

She’s Not Afraid To Take Risks

Céline Dion

Every year the Oscars is chock-full of gowns and striking outfits. However, years on, only a few of the red carpet moments stand out as completely game changing – like Dion’s 1999 appearance, when she shocked the fashion world by turning up not in a gown, but a tuxedo.

And a back-to-front, low-backed white one at that – with a matching hat. In 2017 she told People: “When I wore that look, yes it was at the Oscars, and when I wore that, everyone was wearing dresses, not pants. I was the only one with pants in a backward suit from Galliano, and if I would do this today it would work. It was avant-garde at the time.”

Céline Dion

It set the tone for Dion’s sense of style. Not everyone will love what she wears, but you’ve got to respect the fact she’s not afraid to take risks.

She Knows How To Bring The Sartorial Drama

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Dion didn’t just experiment with fashion in the Nineties. Today she’s rarely out of haute couture – you won’t catch her in any old jeans and a t-shirt.

Instead, her wardrobe is dominated by big shoulders, power suits, clashing patterns and bright colours. She often works with celebrity stylist Law Roach, who’s also behind the bold looks of Zendaya, Anne Hathaway and Ariana Grande, and together they’re obviously having a lot of fun with fashion.

Roach has said in the past: “Fashion is supposed to be polarizing. Everybody’s not supposed to like everything you do. If that does happen, it’s boring for me.” Dion definitely seems to share his outlook.

Dion is forward thinking in how she dresses, but also in the businesses she sets up. In 2018 she established a gender-neutral clothing line for children. Called Celinununu, she partnered with unisex children’s brand Nununu to create more than 70 items of clothing.

When launching the line, Dion wrote on Instagram: “I’ve always loved nununu and what they represent. Partnering with them to encourage a dialogue of equality and possibility makes so much sense.”

She’s Unstoppable

After so many years in the business, Dion is refreshing in being absolutely herself. She says of her appointment to L’Oréal Paris: “I am now embracing myself and feel free to do what I want, where I want, when I want.”

She stays relevant by being totally authentic, and also appreciates a bit of irony – who can forget when she wore an oversized Vetements hoodie emblazoned with a picture from Titanic on it?