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5 Things You Should Never Wear On A First Date

Unless you don't want a second one

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17 October 2016

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Read on for a definitive list of items that you should never wear on a first date…unless you don’t want a second one.

1. Something brand new

Wearing a new outfit is always a risk. You never know the kinks of an outfit until you wear it – it could be impossible to sit in (like below), highlight your sweat stains, keep coming unbuttoned or just be plain uncomfortable. Stick to what you know works.

Bruna Abdulla

image credit: Mid-Day

2. Too much perfume

Too much perfume can give people migraines or allergic reactions. We’d rather our date not have a headache, thank you.

3. Too much makeup

He is going to be looking at your face for a majority of the date (at least we hope) - make sure it's worth his while. When it comes to makeup, don't overdo it, don’t under-do it. Stick to nude tones, cover imperfections and do NOT use glitter. The trick with makeup is to look like you are not wearing any #IWokeUpLikeThis.

4. Something that’s not you

If you don’t listen to The Ramones, don’t wear a t-shirt with them on it; if you are a tomboy, don’t aim to dress like a sexy vixen and if you’re usually in flats, don’t wear 6-inch stilettos – lack of authenticity shows!

5. Uncomfortable shoes

Nothing says unattractive like hobbling in your gorgeous but uncomfortable shoes throughout your first date. Also, speaking of unattractive – steer clear of Birkenstocks and Crocs (this is more of a life rule, really).