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The Dubai Mall Has A Sleep Pod Lounge For Tired Shoppers

Shop, spend, sleep, repeat

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15 March 2018

The Dubai Mall Has A Sleep Pod Lounge For Tired Shoppers

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Shopping can be super tiring, right?! Especially in the world’s largest mall! So The Dubai Mall has created the perfect solution for tired shoppers and come up with the ultimate retail therapy experience…sleep pods!

The new sleep pod lounge in The Dubai Mall offers weary shoppers the chance to nap inbetween browsing the countless fashion stores, charge your phone with built in USB ports and escape the busy shopping mall with shutters to pull across for privacy.

If you want to relax and rejuvenate yourself mid shopping free, the sleeping pods are located in a in the P2 level entrance of the Grand Parking and an hour’s nap will cost you AED 40, the second AED 75 and the third hour AED 95. Any additional time after that is an extra AED 20 per hour, although at that point we suggest you go home and rest there instead! You can even rent pillows as well!

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So if exploring Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue with a huge range of new shops and brands in the Middle East, proves too much for you, then take you can take a quick power nap to restore your shopping energy!

The sleeping pod lounge is the perfect place to leave your bored other half whilst you continue to shop and spend on the season’s new fashion trends! Or to let Dad rest, after all the Dubai Mall is a maze that we all often get lost in and everyone deserves a break!

Tired shoppers get comfy and make the mall your second home!