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How This Saudi Fashion Designer Is Celebrating Women Driving

A stylish way of marking the historic day in the Kingdom

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24 June 2018

Fashion to mark women driving in KSA

Image credit: Instagram/@hindamme

June 24th 2018 –the date that will be remembered in history as the day women were allowed to drive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To pay tribute to the landmark reform of the ban being lifted, Saudi Arabian fashion designer Mohammed Khoja for Hindamme has designed a satin bomber jacket with the significant date embroidered on the back, written in Arabic and English.

As Saudi women take to the roads for the first time, this stylish jacket marks the historic moment –nicknamed the “driving jacket,” it commemorates the date in a fashionable way. The sports-luxe design comes in different shades including a classic black and striking emerald green.

Mohammed Khoja for Hindamme

Mohammed Khoja is the founder of the luxury label Hindamme, and was determined to draw attention to the Kingdom’s social progress though fashion. As the Riyadh fashion designer has even been wearing the jacket himself!

Mohammed Khoja has used the jacket as a small symbol to remember this breakthrough day for Saudi Arabia, as female motorists begin to celebrate the end of the country's decades-long driving ban and the country led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman continues to introduce major changes for women.

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