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The Most Powerful Fashion Trends Of 2016

From the classes to the masses

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21 December 2016

The Most Popular Fashion Statements Of 2016

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They might begin on fashion runways but fashion items become trends only when masses decide to adopt them in their daily lives. In an attempt to decode the 'What's Hot' phenomenon, Google has released the second edition of its Fashion Trend Report for 2016. The interesting findings give a snapshot of fashion trends that influenced global purchase patterns in 2016.

Below are some highlights of the report that will help you in creating the perfect wardrobe for the coming year.

1. Military Chic: Bomber jackets

The military chic trend started in 2015 and exploded in 2016. The search trends for bomber jackets, ripped jeans and biker jeans grew exponentially. Of course celebrities like David Beckham, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian fuelled the fire but it was Gigi Hadid who overshadowed everyone with her Tommy Hilfiger collection. As seasonal lines begin to blur, so do age, size, and gender associations. The report indicates that the bomber jacket is a look that works for everyone.

Military Chic: Bomber Jackets

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2. Free spirited style: Off-shoulder-tops

The off-shoulder style became hit trend when celebrities like Kendal Jenner, Olivia Palmero and Jessica Alba flaunted the boho chic look. The searches accelerated by 347% due to its versatility across sizes, silhouettes, and apparel items. The trend proved to be practical yet chic, comfortable yet classy and most important of all – universal.

Free spirit style: Off-shoulder-tops

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3. Get set go: Rompers/Jumpsuits

With a gazillion things on their mind, today's shoppers look for no fuss fashion. This finding made rompers, jumpsuits and playsuits a wardrobe staple in 2016. Similar to the other trends, consumers of all ages, sizes and genders are embracing the ready to go trend. Interest for rompers/playsuits in dressy materials such as silk, satin, velvet and sequins grew exponentially as famous faces like Taylor Swift and Kate Hudson gave their nod of approval to rompers and playsuits as formal attire.

Get set go - Rompers/Jumpsuits

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