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Paris Fashion Week Designers Really Want You To Update Your Hat Collection

From couture bucket hats to leather berets, this season had all the headgear you could ask for.

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7 March 2019

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Paris Fashion Week

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Paris Fashion Week has drawn to a close, marking the end of the long sartorial extravaganza that is fashion month.

And what particularly stood out this season was the sheer amount of hats on the catwalk. We can’t remember the last time there was such an influx of them during fashion week. In recent years, designers have seemingly been putting more thought into experimental make-up and statement hairstyles than covering it all up with a big hat.

But no longer is headgear an underrated accessory – a hat can immediately elevate an otherwise plain outfit, and mean you can postpone washing your hair. Here are just some of the hats designers at Paris Fashion Week want you to add to your wardrobe…



Chanel’s show was an emotional event, as it was the last collection Karl Lagerfeld designed before his passing. There were tears both on and off the catwalk, but the clothes themselves weren’t anything out of the ordinary for Chanel.

However, we enjoyed the models wearing hats in the tweed check Lagerfeld was well known for, and in the late designer’s signature colours: Black and white.



This season, Valentino’s collection was all about love and mystery. Many of the models wore cloche hats which covered their faces, adding to the drama of the show.

They came in all different shades, from black and white to beige and patterned, with model of the moment Kaia Gerber wearing a particularly dainty one in see-through white lace. It’s certainly a statement, but perhaps not the most wearable choice considering how much it impairs your vision…



Balmain mixed modern edginess with old school sophistication via these pumped up black leather berets. Berets are already everywhere on the high street, so this interpretation will no doubt win a lot of fans.



Even though this season was all about autumn and winter dressing, Lanvin’s choice of headgear wouldn’t look out of place on the beach. Floppy, wide brimmed hats dominated the catwalk, looking both stylish and like what our mum wore on summer holidays when we were little.

Saint Laurent…

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent’s show was straight out of the Eighties, with rock and roll trilby hats worn at jaunty angles. Sure, it didn’t exactly reinvent the fashion wheel, but it’s definitely one of the most wearable hats we saw this season.



We’re not sure the words “high fashion bucket hats” have ever been said before, but Dior’s latest collection has changed that. Whether in black leather, tartan or leopard print, this really is an upgrade for the humble bucket hat.

Louis Vuitton also gave a normal hat a fashion facelift. Creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere took a tight-fitting beanie and transformed it into something so much more – a leather skullcap. It looks particularly great with long hair cascading from beneath it.