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As Rumours Swirl About A Gossip Girl Reboot – 8 Style Lessons We Learned From Blair Waldorf

Always chic, always classic. We bow down to Queen B.

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4 February 2019

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Blair Waldorf

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Wakey wakey Upper East Siders, because it looks like the TV revival we’ve all been waiting for could actually be happening.

According to the TV network CW’s president Mark Pedowitz, discussions have taken place over a reboot of Gossip Girl, and we’re ridiculously excited for the potential return of our favourite backstabbing socialites.

He told Deadline: “There’s been discussions. But I don’t know if we’re there yet.” Pedowitz said any potential return would depend on Warner Bros as well as show creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

Nothing has been confirmed in terms of returning characters, but we do know one thing: GG simply won’t be the same without Blair Waldorf ruling the roost.

When we cast our minds back to the 00’s, there were plenty of reasons why we wanted to be Blair: her ability to pull off a ridiculous scheme, her biting one-liners and her love-hate relationship with Chuck Bass.

But lets face it, top of the list was that killer wardrobe, Here are some of the enduring style lessons we learned from Gossip Girl’s reigning style muse.

1. A True Queen Always Wears A Crown

Even if you only caught a couple of episodes of Gossip Girl back in the day, you’ll know that Blair was rarely caught without a trademark headband nestled in her glossy blow-dry.

Her penchant for headgear was partly a nod to her blue-blooded upbringing, and partly a power play; only the most popular girls in the school were allowed to wear them. In a couple of episodes, she actually wore a diamante crown too, which is the type of extra style statement that we came to love her for.

2. Florals For Spring Can Actually Be Groundbreaking

hat classic Miranda Priestly line from Devil Wears Prada (“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking”) gave floral dresses a bad rep for years. Sure, they might not be pushing the sartorial envelope in any kind of revolutionary way, but there’s a reason they’re timeless.

Amongst the neon tights, knee high socks and body-con dresses of the early seasons of the show, Blair’s floral ensembles are the ones that have dated the least over the years.

3. A Lace Cape-Coat Is The Outerwear You Never Knew You Needed

Not exactly the most practical of outfits for battling the New York elements, but Blair knows that a cape-coat makes everyone fear you that little bit more.

Pair with leather gloves, a necktie and a Lady Dior bag, and your high school underlings will never dare step out of line.

4. Pick A Uniform And Stick To It

Speaking of neck ties, Blair found her style niche in playing to the quintessential Upper East-Side stereotype.

Preppy blazers, ruffle neck chambray shirts and pleated skirts; in the early seasons of the show, she found a polished, everyday look that worked for her and ran with it.

5. Be Bold

If Blair was on Instagram now, she wouldn’t be the type of influencer to wear minimalist Scandi pieces from Cos, Arket and Malene Birger.

No, when it comes to her wardrobe, the bolder you are, the better the style statement – and she really wasn’t afraid of a colour or print clash either.

6. You Can Never Be Too Overdressed On The Upper East-Side

One of the most ridiculous things about Gossip Girl was how many black tie galas and charity functions there were (seriously, didn’t these guys have homework to do?)

Either way, Blair wasn’t one for blending into the background when it came to formalwear. From showstopping ball gowns to silk sheath dresses, her black tie looks are just as iconic as what she wore on the Met steps.

There was just one rule: she always kept it classy.

7. A Beret Can Protect Your Glossy Blow Dry From The Elements

Berets are notoriously hard to pull off, but when they’re done right, they evoke that effortless Parisian vibe that suggests you’ve just spent a day museum hopping.

Not only do they look good, but they’re practical too – case in point here, where Blair’s hat stopped a snog in the snow with Nate from disintegrating into a mascara-streaming catastrophe. Très bon.

8. Accessorise With A Sassy Flip Phone

Texting salacious tips to Gossip Girl, firing a Serena or rebuking Chuck’s advances is so much more satisfying when you can slap your pebble flip phone shut afterwards. Who needs Instagram anyway? Consider us downgraded.