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These Trends Are Going To Be Huge In 2019

We take a dive into Pinterest's trend forecasting report for 2019's big hits

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12 December 2018

Pinterest's trend forecasting

All credits: Pinterest & PA

Each year, Pinterest analyses its treasure trove of data on the clothes, accessories, prints, fabrics and silhouettes users have been searching for, allowing us a sneak peek into the fashion trends that are set to soar.

Looking back on searches that have grown rapidly year on year, the photo sharing website experts have compiled the Pinterest 100 report, which includes 10 fashion predictions for 2019, and we can't wait to take a peek...

“The trends unveil what people are dreaming about trying in the new year, what they share in common, from everyday inspiration to bigger moments in the calendar,” says Larkin Brown, Pinterest researcher.

“People are becoming bolder with their style choices and are embracing global influences,” she adds.

“We’re also seeing an emphasis on people searching for sustainable fashion ideas, in particular recycled materials, which is becoming a growing trend in not only fashion but travel and beauty, amongst others.”

So what’s on the horizon right now? Here, in ascending order, are the 10 fastest growing fashion trends from the last year on Pinterest…

10. Sustainable Fashion

Getting the look you want without worrying about your impact on the world is a growing issue.

Searches for ‘sustainable fashion’ grew 34% in 2018, demonstrating the shifting priorities of modern times.

Sustainable Fashion

9. Rouching

Gathered fabrics, whether on coats, gowns, trousers or more, are on the up and up.

Expect to see more ripples next year, as searches for ‘rouche’ rose by 108%.

Gathered Fabrics

8. African Fashion

Searches for ‘African print fashion’ went up by 229% last year, showing that people are as keen as ever to diversify their fashion inspirations, incorporating vibrant prints and traditional printed ‘kitenge’ fabrics.

African Fashion

7. Oval Sunglasses

The ever-present ‘anonymous celebrity’ look is constantly changing, and the rise in searches for ‘oval sunglasses’ shows that people are going to keep up, with searches rising by 591% last year.

Oval Sunglasses

6. Snake Print

Animal print was a huge trend in 2018, and ‘snake print’ saw the biggest spike in searches this year, up by 642%

Snake Print boots

5. Tortoise Earrings

Statement earrings have made a huge comeback in recent years and there’s one particular style that Pinterest users are really loving – searches for ‘tortoise earrings’ have risen by 679%.

Tortoise Earrings

4. Robe Silhouettes

Dressing gowns have been influencing outerwear this year, as cosy wrap coats were popular with Pinterest users – searches for ‘robe silhouettes’ soared by 689%.

Robe Coat

3. Cycling Shorts

There’s a big gap between fourth and third place on the list, with the next entry, biker shorts, seeing a huge 1323% jump in searches.

Aka cycling shorts, the skin-tight sports gear has sped from the velodrome to the catwalk to the high street in the last year, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Cycling Shorts

2. Statement Sneakers

The trainer trend is hardly new, but searches for more impactful ‘statement sneakers’ rose by a massive 2211% in 2018, spurred on by designer brands like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton and their hugely popular chunky designs.

Loved by celebs and fashion bloggers alike, the so-called ‘dad trainer’ trend is set to go mainstream next year.

Statement Sneakers

1. Bamboo Bags

Just pipping sneakers at the post, bamboo bags take the top spot, with searches up 2215% year on year. Offering a little more solidity than fabric, these sturdy statement bags have been a big hit with fashion bloggers, as they seek out something a bit out of the ordinary.

We expect more brands will be jumping on the bamboo bandwagon next year, especially during spring and summer.

Bamboo Bags