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Top 10 Filipina Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow

Our pick of the top 10 female fashion bloggers living in the Philippines

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28 September 2017

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Top 10 Filipina Fashion Bloggers

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It is said that style is a way to say who you are without having to speak - and that's no truer a statement when it comes to fashion bloggers worldwide.

Whether in the UAE, Philippines or beyond, female fashion bloggers have been utilising their online presence to share their style, favourite buys, tips and beauty advice for all to enjoy and take inspiration from.

All hailing from the Philippines, these well established top 10 Filipina fashion bloggers are worth following - and we're sure you'll absolutely agree with us.

#1 Lissa Kahayon

A.k.a. Scene Stealer, Lissa Kahayon is a fashion, travel and fitness blogger who hails from Manila.

With over 69k followers on her Instagram account, plus an additional 19k on Twitter - Lissa is most definitely a fashion blogger with huge influence.

Plus - her images on both her blog and social media accounts are to die for, and leave us with major wanderlust.

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#2 Vern & Verniece Enciso

Sisters Vern and Verniece are fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle bloggers who aspire to inspire girls to live a life of dreams.

At the young ages of 22 and 21, you'd be forgiven to think they were twins - but in fact, they're each so different in many ways in their personalities and styles.

They each originally had a blog, but decided to merge A Shoe Tale and Verniece Enciso back in 2013 - resulting in their current, powerful and mesmerising blog.

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#3 Patricia Penson Prieto

This twenty-something-year-old Filipina blogger is also a fashion stylist and aspiring fashion designer.

Her blog, Paradigma began in 2009 and has since escalated to becoming one of our favourite go-to sites for fashion inspo, personal styling tips, travel advice and everything else worth procrastinating over.

Fun fact: 'paradigma' means "a theory or a group of ideas about how something should be done, made, or thought about".

#4 Tricia Gosingtian

Documenting her personal style, lifestyle, travels and photography - Tricia Gosingtian's blog is fabulous, and her 221k+ following on her Instagram account is even more impressive.

Hoping to provide her followers with inspiration on places to go, stay, eat all with style, Tricia's blog should definitely be on your 'blogs to be obsessed about' list.

#5 Nicole Andersson

Digital influencer and fashion blogger Nicole is a world-traveler who you want to follow. She was's most beautiful digital influencer of 2016, and with a following of 278k - her influence is reputable in the Philippines.

From food, to shoes, to beauty, travel and wellness, you'll find all your favourite things to muse over in her blog and Insta feed.

She's even been at the 2017 NYFW recently - and her #ootd posts and images from it are enviable.

#6 Dani Barretto

With a whopping 387k+ followers on her Instagram account, Dani Barretto is a huge digital influencer and fashion blogger who hails from the Philippines.

Her most recent excursions around Hong Kong's Disneyland are making us want to book our next trip abroad - plus, HOW hot does she look at the E! Bloggers Ball 2017 in that Desino Dulce gown?

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#7 Kim Jones

With a global audience, this Australian/British/Filipino's reputation is one of the most influential fashion voices within South East Asia.

Her site blends photography, content, style, art and modelling as she is a beacon for the best of international style.

With over 705k+ followers on her Instagram feed, you'll find yourself having major wanderlust and style envy as you take a look into the world of Kim Cam Jones.

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#8 Camille Co

Always a fashion designer, sometimes a model, and occasionally a stylist - Camille and her blog, Camille Co has won numerous awards. Plus, with over 409k+ followers on Instagram, it's no wonder that she's a powerful Pinoy blogger.

Follow her for to-die-for fashion and travel pics as you follow her global adventures.

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#9 Laureen Uy

Laureen is a fashion and travel blogger from Asia, who co-founded the clothing line Stylebreak that features garments that she embellished herself.

With numerous campaigns under her belt with Heineken, Adidas, Sony, Hershey's, Netflix an WeChat, she's certainly has power in the digital sense. Plus - she's even worked with some of our favourite labels, including Sephora, Calvin Klein, Rayban, L'Oreal and Mango, Topshop and Guess.

Her site, Break My Style, is frequently updated with all of her latest style updates and travel check-ins, and she has over 877k+ followers on Instagram.

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#10 Kryz Uy

Hailing from Manila, Kryz is one of the top bloggers ranked in the Philippines - and has been for some time. Her site, Thirstythought by Kryz Uz is a life, style and travel blog that records her daily sartorial adventures, beauty discoveries, inspirations and interesting chronicles.

She's even the best selling author of Behind The Blog that aims to help all aspiring bloggers in their digital adventures.

Find her on Instagram on @kryzzzie for the most perfect feed to lust over.

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