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10 Awesome Pinterest Home Trends That Are Actually Worth-Trying

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27 April 2017

Pinterest Home Trends

image credit: Pinterest

When it comes to social browsing — we have a strict code of conduct. If Instagram takes half our time fussing and dissing everything beauty then the other half is entirely dedicated to Pinterest — for all things pretty and homey.

But our strict time distribution isn't enough to keep us updated with thousands of DIYs and decor ideas pinned every minute. So in came the good folks at Pinterest, who did all the hard work for us. They scoured through thousands of boards to uncover the trendiest home decor ideas for 2017.

Their latest findings not only promise a whole new vibe to your home — but they're also budget-friendly and super practical.

In case you have a spring renovation in the pipeline or just want some ideas to spruce up your decor, here are our best picks from Pinterest Home Work Report 2017.

1. Round mirrors

Cause rectangle mirrors are SOOO last decade! Besides, round mirrors add reflective space making your room look bigger.

Round mirrors

image credit: Pinterest

2. Removable wallpapers

Would you settle for one dress for the whole year— no, right? Then why make your walls wear one? Removable wallpapers come in chic designs and colours — a great way to add personality to any room.

Removable wallpapers

image credit: Pinterest

3. Acrylic shelves

According to the report, pinners are loving acrylic storage solutions for makeup. Clearly — you'll never lose another mascara again.

Acrylic shelves

image credit: Pinterest

4. Under the sink storage

Under the bathroom sink organisation = never getting in a fight with your flat iron again.

 Under the sink storage

image credit: Pinterest

5. Shower plants

This one is multi-functional. A shower plant ensures serene showers, fewer bacteria and you'll never have to remember to water — a clear winner!

Shower plants

image credit: Pinterest

6. Farmhouse living

We're not sure about you, but the cosy vibes in a farmhouse-style rustic furniture will have us reading and eating at home — 8 pm every night.

Farmhouse living

image credit: Pinterest

7. Organised bathroom closets

Once a neglected space, organised bathroom closets have become a key concern for pinners who are interested in creating a linen closet that's more than just folded towels.

Organised bathroom closets

image credit: Pinterest

8. Accessories as decor

When it comes to the little things in our lives (we call accessories) — there's never enough space. But worry not, pinners around the world have found a way to turn our everyday accessories into chic decor items.

This Pinterest-approved hack provides a stylish storage solution and offers a great way to personalise any space.

Accessories as decor

image credit: Pinterest

9. Off-season storage

Most of this year's decor trends are about multi-purpose items like vintage trunks and woven baskets that double as storage space for off-season clothes.

Off-season storage

image credit: Pinterest

10. Visible pantries

Clean eating is the buzzword in the food world this year and that requires people to SEE what they're eating.

Foodie souls on Pinterest are looking for visually appealing pantry organisation that isn't just for looks but also inspires them to cook.

Visible pantries

image credit: Pinterest