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5 Easy Ways to Hide an Ugly AC Unit at Home

It keeps you cool and comfortable during the warmer months, but sometimes you just don't want to see it...

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4 August 2020

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Clarice Awa

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Clever Ways to Hide an Ugly AC Unit in Your Home

Here's how to turn that interior eyesore into a homey piece

You've found the perfect air conditioner for cooling your home, but there's just one annoying detail that's stopping you from bringing it back.

Or maybe you are already own one but it's large and bulky or the design isn't meshing with your home exterior.

Whatever the case, don't let the one element you dislike to stop you from keeping an air conditioner that would help you stay comfortable and chilled indoors all year long.

The truth is, there's a way to disguise almost any air conditioning unit if you're creative enough.

Ahead, find five easy ways to disguise an eyesore air conditioner at home without blocking the airflow.

1. Sleek AC covers

You can hide your air conditioner without restricting airflow in a variety of ways. One would be to use an AC cover that provides coverage but enough gaps.

Consider these cover designs...

5 Easy Ways to Hide an Ugly AC Unit at Home

Photo: @caleb_scoville (left) / @deckersworks (right)

2. Artistic AC covers and fences

Another way to deal with that not-so-pretty problem would be to hide it behind a decorated fence.

Bliss Ranch turned their white fence into a beautiful mosaic AC cover using broken glass.

5 Easy Ways to Hide an Ugly AC Unit at Home

Photo: Bliss Ranch

3. Behind greenery

If you have the advantage of a garden in your home, try using tall greenery and other attractive outdoor plants to hide your eyesore.

Taller plants are best for obscuring window air conditioners, and AC units that are on the floor can easily be hidden behind some flower pots or shrubs. Elephant ears and caladium plants can grow pretty tall and large - just enough to cover your AC.

You can also opt for a lattice vine wall, as these offer a fabulous and "natural" way to hide air conditioning units while also keeping air flow.

Just be sure to avoid placing your flowers too close to the unit, as it may overheat from the AC.

5 Easy Ways to Hide an Ugly AC Unit at Home

4. Use wall shelves and shutters

For indoor AC units, find some chic shutters or mounted wall shelves with enough open gaps that can provide air flow for your home.

5 Easy Ways to Hide an Ugly AC Unit at Home

5. Decorative panel

Here's another lovely way to camouflage your indoor AC units. Look for decorative metal wall panels that can offer enough coverage for your air conditioner, but allow plenty of room for air flow.