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5 Easy Ways To Make Cleaning Fun With Kids

Who says cleaning has to be boring?

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9 February 2017

5 Tips To Keep Your Kid's Room Clean

If you're a parent — you know the drill: Kids mess up the room, you tell them to clean up so they shove everything under the bed. Don't get us wrong here, having kids is an incredible experience. But when it comes to cleaning — things tend to get a little overwhelming.

The key to keeping things sane with kids is taking baby steps: Focus on one area, get customised closets and most importantly teach them to keep their stuff organised.

Here are some useful tips to get you started.

1. Lower the heights

While it makes sense to keep things at a height to stop kids from messing them up - after a certain age, it should be reversed. Make it easy for your kids to pick up after playtime. Add hooks at reachable heights so that they can hang their own clothes. As they are young, you can use the closest height to place triple hanging, moving to double as they grow. Place the lowest bar where kids can reach and put their favourite outfits in that area. Customised closets are ideal in such situations.

2. Use labels and illustrations

Show your kids where things are supposed to go in their closet with pictures and word labels: shirts, pants, pyjamas, books and toys. This way, they not only learn to value their belonging but also develop meaningful connections between words, illustrations and actual objects. Besides, it’s a bonding experience too!

3. Give an outlet for creativity

Give your child an outlet for personal expression by designating shelves, tack boards or other special areas for artistic display. As they get older, they can use these spaces to display trophies, report cards or other items of inspiration.

4. Buy pull-out baskets

Add pull-out baskets in an easy-to-access area of the closet to make it simple for your little one to retrieve or put away toys, balls, dolls and stuffed animals. See-through wire baskets allow kids to choose what they want without emptying out the whole toy chest.

5. Sort, sort, sort!

Teach your child useful organisation hacks such as de-cluttering and sorting by doing things one step at a time. Let them sort clothes by type or colours. Children love it when you make games out of mundane tasks. Set deadlines and get involved.

These little things will not only help in keeping things organised but will also create a stronger bond.

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