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How To Keep Your Home Squeaky Clean Every Day

It's time to let the spring air in

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8 April 2017

How To Keep Your Home Squeaky Clean

Winter is almost on its way out — which means it's time to dust off the closed windows and let some clean spring air in. But that's going to be a tad bit embarrassing if your house is in the state of lazy-winter-hibernation.

Why wait until spring to get your major house cleaning operation done? Instead bring an orderly bliss to your life by making some tweaks to your daily cleaning patterns. That way, come spring, it won’t seem like such a big project to mark off your to-do list.

Here are three life-changing tips that will help you out in your daily cleaning.

1. Set aside time daily

Dedicating 10-30 minutes to cleaning and organising each day will keep your home squeaky clean year-round. To start, choose a room or area of your home, set a timer and clean until it goes off. By doing this you'll have a clear idea how long it takes to clean a specific place. You can then schedule the daily cleaning time accordingly.

2. Make a donation schedule

"I have to declutter my life and my room." Say this to yourself once a month and get rid of any stuff that, as Marie Kondo says, doesn't bring you joy.

One way to know you are getting rid of items you no longer need is to set a donation schedule. If you choose to donate items to a local charity once a month or once every other month, you’re guaranteeing that you’ll go through your things on a regular basis. By the time it's spring, you’ll already have a good idea of what needs to be kept and what you need to donate.

3. Include the family

Cleaning by yourself is time-consuming and boring. If you get your family involved, you’ll get it done in a fraction of the time. Set daily and/or weekly chores for each family member (i.e., arrange your closet) as well as larger family goals (i.e., deep clean the media room). When you have your entire family working together, things will get done more quickly and your home will look great, and it can be fun. Make it a pizza night!

These tips will make your home “spring clean” throughout the entire year! And if you're looking for a spring renovation then call Closets Unlimited for an in-home complimentary design appointment at 04 399 4080 or 052 6922660. You can also visit their website at: