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These Before & After Pictures Prove Why You Need KonMari In Your Life

Decluttering life — Marie Kondo style

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14 February 2017

image credit: mariekondo/Instagram

image credit: mariekondo/Instagram

An average woman in 1930s owned 36 items of clothing; today, it's 150. Add tonnes of accessories, beauty products, toiletries, shoes — and you have the answer to a chaotic life.

Minimalism isn’t the word we millennials live by. We love to collect stuff (a lot of stuff) and it’s hard for us to let go. But what if we tell you this self-created clutter has everything to do with this nagging sense of dissatisfaction in our lives? Hard to believe but that’s what the most organised woman in the world — Marie kondo says.

Kondo, who is a world-famous organising guru and a bestselling author, has transformed the way people organise their homes, closet and eventually lives. Her famous method, known as KonMari involves gathering your belongings in one place and categorising them — one item at a time, keeping only those things that “spark joy” and discarding the rest.

Scroll down to see how KonMari method and Kondo's minimalistic approach can simple changes can have a huge impact on our lives.

1. Place handbags in a basket

A great way to store your handbags is to place them in a basket or open container. This gives them structure, maximises space and you get to pick the one you want without messing others.

2. Keep what you need most at the top

Place your beauty products in order of their usage. Throwing away makeup that you don't use is hard but it's worth the extra-space.

3. Keep your workplace as clean as possible

Momentos have a place, but putting them all together on the desk where you work is actually distracting.

4. Store things vertically

Instead of placing things in a pile, store them vertically — this will create more space.

5. Keep your bedside clean

You spend the most peaceful time of the day in your bed. This means your bedside space is sacred. Hang up your clothes before going to bed or toss them in the hamper. You don't want to wake up to the loose ends of the night before.

6. Store small things in containers

Place small messy items like earphones, bobby pins, buttons and clips in small verticle containers — you would thank Marie Kondo for the rest of your life.

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6. You dont need more space, you need less stuff

The first KonMari rule is to reduce the number of things you own. Tell yourself that you don't need more space, you need less stuff. Letting go of things is the first vital step for a peaceful life.

7. Get rid of papers

According to Kondo, people keep too many old papers that make workspace cluttered. Get rid of papers that you don't need and store the important ones in verticle files that can be sorted.