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applying for travel visa

Japan Opens Travel e-Visa for UAE and Saudi Arabia Residents

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18 April 2023

Japan opens travel e-visas to residents in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Next destination: Japan!

Dreaming of authentic Japanese food? Do you want to watch a live sumo wrestling match? Maybe stroll among the lush pink cherry blossom trees? A fan of Japanese media and culture?

We've got great news for those looking to travel to Japan this year! The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched a new online tourist visa system for foreign residents of select countries, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

5 Helpful Tips When Applying for an International Visa While in Dubai

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12 September 2022

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5 helpful tips when applying for an international visa from Dubai

Applying for an overseas travel visa while you're in Dubai? Read these handy tips!

2022 has been an exceptional year for travel, with the demand for international sojourns soaring well beyond the traditional peak seasons we see every year.

For many expats in Dubai, visas are the first step towards overseas travel. Citizens of select countries are required to apply for a visit visa beforehand,