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Want To Create A Bottle Garden Full Of Luscious Houseplants? Here’s How To Do It

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27 February 2019

bottle garden

There’s a huge buzz around houseplants at the moment, from cacti and air plants, to all manner of low-maintenance specimens.

Creating your own bottle garden, containing a variety of easy-care houseplants, can provide an eye-catching centrepiece to a table or sideboard, with the least amount of fuss and mess.

We attended a Squire’s Garden Centres masterclass to find out how to do it.

This Pool On Top Of A Building Has A Glass Bottom & The View Will Freak You Out

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10 April 2017

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Market Square Tower’s Pool

Market Square Tower, a luxury apartment building in Houston, Texas has what we think is the coolest swimming pool in the world.

This is not just a regular infinity pool. Located on the 42nd floor, the pool extends 10 feet over the side of the imposing Houston building and has a glass bottom which means if you look down you're going to see everything that's happening on Preston street.

We love it, but at the same time, we are so terrified. Fortunately or unfortunately, you can only use the pool if you live in the building or know someone who does.