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How to Wear Lip Gloss the Grown-Up Way

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24 January 2021

How to wear lip gloss

The 1990s favourite beauty go-to is making a come-back...

Lip gloss is one of those items that can take you straight back to the Nineties – a time when all the make-up know-how you needed was the ability to apply a slick of sticky, glittery, berry-flavoured gloss to your mouth. And now it’s back – and luckily, it’s had an adult update.

5 Ways to Keep Your Lips Healthy in Winter

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5 February 2020

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5 Ways to Keep Your Lips Healthy in Winter

From frizzy hair to brittle nails, winter brings with it a whole host of annoying beauty problems, but none is more irritating than having dry, flaky lips.

It’s impossible to ignore that sandpaper-like sensation, applying lipstick becomes virtually impossible and sometimes no amount of lip balm can remedy the situation.

So why do our lips suffer more during the cold months than the rest of the year?