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In Pics: Inside a Newly Renovated Villa in The Lakes

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24 March 2020

With a new eclectic and contemporary design, this villa in The Lakes is outstanding.

No stranger to upscale, luxurious fit-outs, Dubai-based interior design company New Evolution has yet again taken a humble Dubai villa and given it a new lease of life.

Located in The Lakes, Emirates Hills, their latest project combines and eclectic and contemporary design both inside and out, designed to consider the existing art collection of the owners that would create a perfect symbiosis between all.

Why a Home Makeover Is the Best Gift for International Women's Day

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6 March 2020

This special offer lasts for the month of March!

Sunday, March 8 sees this year's edition of International Women's Day, the annual celebration of women's achievements and acknowledgement of their challenges.

After a long day's schedule of networking lunches, office hours, school runs, company dinners, and more, it's revitalising to return to a place you can really call "home" and unwind.

This Jumeirah Islands Home Had a Modern Makeover You Have to See

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4 March 2020

See how this leading interior fit-out company in Dubai gave a modern and luxurious makeover.

A stone's throw from some of Dubai's active city centre districts is a self-contained and upscale residential neighbourhood that sits on the water's edge. Jumeirah Islands is a 300-hectare development of over 700 luxury, styled villas within a series of man-made islands.

This Bvlgari Residence in Dubai Redefines What a Home Is

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4 March 2020

Inside New Evolution's Bvlgari residence fit-out in Dubai, inspired by luxury boutique hotels...

Nestled between Downtown Dubai, the heart of Dubai's urban scene, and views of the Arabian Gulf is a collection of resorts and residences designed for the ultimate expression of sophistication and style. Located on a private island off the coast of the Emirate, the Bvlgari Resorts & Residences is one of the only six places on the planet where people can enjoy a lifestyle rich in its exclusivity and opulence.

This Victory Heights Villa in Dubai Is the Home of Our Dreams

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20 October 2019

Set on the fairways of a lush golf course, Victory Heights is a collection of 3,242-square-foot prestigious villas built in a blend of European Classical, Mediterranean, and Spanish Andalusian styles. With its gated privacy, idyllic green setting, and promises of serene living - it's almost everything a perfect home in Dubai should be.

An Interview With Interior Designers, New Evolution

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7 April 2019

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New Evolution Interior Designers in Dubai

This Dubai-based interior design firm is dedicated to creating exceptional style in your home.

Their mission is to provide first-class, quality-controlled services throughout all aspects of their business - and they pride themselves on focusing on detail, execution, and quality of finish. With a team of professional designers, engineers and project managers, New Evolution offer full turnkey solutions.

This Bathroom Trend Can Help You Feel Less Tired in the Morning

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24 January 2019

Eucalpytus in bathroom trend

This pretty trend actually has its use...

If you’re the type of person that likes to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to pimping out your pad with Instagrammable accessories, get ready to dash out to your nearest gardening centre ASAP.

According to New Evolution, people are getting pretty obsessed with taking ‘eucalyptus showers’, and it’s not just because the plant adds a chic green touch to your bathroom either.

Why It's a Great Idea to Upgrade Your Dubai Home in 2019

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21 January 2019

New Evolution project in Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai

In Dubai, we're currently living in a property market where the supply is higher than the demand.

Tenants and buyers are now finding it easier to pursue their dream home - and there's more opportunity nowadays to upgrade your home to the standard you'd like.

And if you're wishing to sell your home for asking price in this current market, it's a good idea to make some improvements. In this case, to have your home occupied or sold, it should stand out from other properties and provide a fresh look, neutral colours and higher finishes.

This Emirates Living Villa is The Ultimate Dubai Goal

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13 January 2019

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New Evolution project in Hattan, Arabian Ranches

Completed by Dubai-based fit-out company New Evolution, this Hattan villa is MAJOR goals.

Everything from the plot extension, to the landscaping, and the customised furniture – basically the entire refurbishment – was completed by the company, who provide a high-end, quality service based on 12 years of experience in Dubai, and over 20 years’ experience in the UK.