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5 Office-Appropriate White Sneakers to Add to Your Wardrobe

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1 March 2024

Best white office sneakers for women in the UAE

White sneakers are a year-round staple.

When it comes to dressing for the office in the UAE, white sneakers continues to be an enduring footwear trend.

Don't let its athlete wear background put you off. White sneakers can seamlessly match any business-casual office outfit, from dresses and jumpsuits to blouse and jeans combinations.

Effortlessly stylish and comfortable, you'll want to add any of these shoes to your closet ASAP!

This Global Styling Consultancy is Your Go-To For Personal Styling

Posted on

26 February 2020

Do you struggle putting an outfit together, or perhaps you're wanting to impress at an upcoming job interview?

Many, if not all, women will have no doubt faced the trauma of opening up their wardrobe only to find absolutely nothing to wear. What follows is normally an hour of self-hatred, despair, a few tears, succeeded then by a few batches of online shopping in an effort to a) self-soothe and b) add more variety to our wardrobe.